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Meyer Burger, Idorsia & Co. – Credit Suisse names back-endangered shares News

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 | Economy

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A flight from Zurich to New York takes about 9 hours. But it is not just the 6,400 kilometers that are to be covered – as far as exchanges are concerned, the two cities separate worlds.
While the market players at the leading stock exchange in New York have made a long run around the shares of small and medium-sized companies, the music plays primarily with us in this segment.
The authors of a strategy paper from Credit Suisse, which is based on London, explain this discrepancy with the more friendly economic environment in Europe. The cyclical early indicators were as strong as in years, and the profit momentum in small and medium-sized companies is record-breaking, they write.
However, the strategists also see sales arguments in the unusually strong cyclical early indicators and in the record high profit momentum. At the same time they make it clear that investors are already investing in European secondary stocks.
The authors of the Strategy Paper are particularly sensitive to the risk of being hit by Swiss companies as well as the shares of small and medium-sized semiconductor manufacturers, software companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers.
The two Swiss pharmaceutical manufacturers Siegfried and Bachem, BB Biotech, the pharmaceutical companies Santhera, Idorsia, Molecular Partners, Basilea and Cosmo Pharmaceuticals, the Tecan laboratories, Galenica Santé, the semiconductor manufacturer U-blox and the solar supplier are all mentioned in this context Meyer Burger.
The shares of Cosmo Pharmaceuticals and Tecan are officially offered for sale by the smaller of the two Swiss big banks, with "Outperform", while those of U-blox are "underperform" for sale. The same applies to the securities of Meyer Burger. I did not know from the solar-supplier that the Grossbank still tracked him and "Underperform".

Share price development of BB Biotech (red) compared with that of Siegfried (green) and Tecan (violet) (Source: www.cash.ch)
Credit Suisse surveys are also interesting about the company shares held by the mutual funds. Among the 25 most popular European secondary stocks, only Helvetia shares are currently available. That was quite different a few months ago.
The question is not whether, but rather when when we are on the Swiss stock market the excesses in the segment of the secondary values ​​end in tears. From own experience, exaggeration phases often last much longer than imagined. Presumably, Credit Suisse strategists do not want to determine when the shares of small and medium-sized companies are experiencing a painful price decline.
Until just a few weeks ago, Zurich Insurance Group shares flocked intensively with the CHF 300. That it only remained with a flirt, the decency lady "Irma" provided with energetic support of their predecessor "Harvey".
The two hurricanes, leaving a swath of devastation in the south of the United States, could cost the insurance corporation from Zurich up to 600 million dollars. However, the company is considered as well reinsured, which is why the dividend prospects are considered intact.
While the Zurich Insurance Group was still one of the most frequently recommended stocks from the Swiss Market Index (SMI) in early summer, Anglo-Saxon analysts seem to be rediscovering their love for the insurance company.
It was only yesterday that the J.P. Morgan, his expert for tactical reasons from "neutral" to "overweight". Surprisingly, the papers nevertheless separate less than 5 percent of the 304-franc price target. Conviction looks different in any case.

Share price of Zurich shares during the last 12 months (Source: www.cash.ch)
A few days earlier, the Citigroup's professional colleague had already raised the shares from a "neutral" to "buy" at a price target of 321.20 (previously 274) francs.
Despite the recent natural catastrophes, both American investment banks are pointing to the good dividend outlook. J.P Morgan sees the insurance company distributing up to 18 francs per share in April, while Citigroup still has its 17 francs.
After the reassessment and evaluation of the past 12 months, however, it is likely that further success reports will be required before the Zurich Insurance Group shares can settle for over 300 Swiss francs.
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