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Merkel pays tribute to the innovative power of the game industry

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 | Gadgets

Digital games have not always been as deliberately thought by politicians as these days. The Gamescom in Cologne proves this year even Chancellor Merkel their reverence and emphasizes the importance of the industry.

          The Gamescom in Cologne is in the "thread cross" of politics. But unlike more than ten years ago, it is no longer a matter of branding evil "ballerspiele". The game industry is increasingly recognized by politicians as an economic factor, but also the social and innovative power of the games themselves. For the first time Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) officially opened the games fair and explicitly emphasized the importance of digital games. They are "cultural assets, innovation engines and economic factors of the utmost importance," said the Chancellor. The industry described it as a "strong pillar of the German economy". "That is why I have also come to Cologne to make the industry my reverence." By Saturday, everything in the exhibition halls as well as in the Domstadt will be all about playing. Around 350,000 specialist and private visitors are expected.
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      Computer games made people into digital explorers and inventors, they were the IT specialists of tomorrow, said Felix Falk, CEO of the industry association BIU. Germany is a strong games market, but with the games produced here, one has the look. "We need the right conditions now." Falk was also delighted by the great popularity of the Bundestag representatives, who expressed their support for a better development promotion. By Saturday, numerous representatives have registered for a tour. "We want to make" Games made in Germany "a real success." At the Gamescom this year, "so many politicians as ever", because they realized "that is the life of the people," said Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU). Games were also culture and belonged to it as movies in the cinema and concert on the radio. This has changed significantly in the last eight to ten years. It was no longer a matter of discussing war games. "And many will now think that this is something serious, even if the Chancellor goes there." The very big manufacturers would not come from Germany. Laschet is therefore also planning to expand the state of North-Rhine Westphalia into an attractive location for developers. The wishes of the industry came to Merkel's open ears. There are already a number of funding programs that game developers could use. "We are not top riders." That is why the federal government would like to look closely at what the Gamescom partner country Canada, or France and Poland, whose support concepts are regarded as exemplary. "In the next legislature period, we want to bring together all stakeholders to offer the German developers reasonable possibilities." She would certainly follow the development further – "and see what happens, maybe even continue to shape it." When she went to the trade fair, the Chancellor did not appear to be a secret "gambler", but she showed great interest in the exhibition Developments. She particularly focused on virtual reality applications as well as a natural science simulation, in which users can experiment with chemical elements. Your personal access should be purely educational. Thus, in her opening, she quoted the German pedagogue Friedrich Fröbel with the sentence "The source of all good is in play." In this context, the Gamescom gave them the wish that their source should be particularly bubbly. Meanwhile, the exhibition halls in Cologne are likely to flood again after the arrival of the private fans. Legendary are dark and booming halls, a colorful stream of visitors strewn with imaginative costumes, and lots of flashing screens. The Gamescom is still open until Saturday. All major publishers are featured with new game titles, including numerous series successes. dpa





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