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Merkel leaves Hungary's whereabouts in the EU

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 | World News

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has criticized Hungarians for the issue of refugee policy in Europe. In an interview she left open the fate of the Eastern European country in the EU. She sees her course in refugee policy as not endangered.

The fact that a government says a judgment of the European Court of Justice does not interest them is "not to accept", said Merkel the "Berliner Zeitung". When asked whether this meant that Hungary had to leave the EU, the Chancellor said that "for her," a very fundamental question of Europe is touched "because Europe is" an area of ​​justice "for her. "We will have to talk about this at the October European Council," she said.

Last Wednesday, the ECJ rejected the complaint by Hungary and Slovakia against the EU quotas, according to which each country has to accept a certain number of refugees. The government in Budapest spoke of a politically motivated verdict. Prime Minister Viktor Orban said: "This ruling is not a reason for us to change our policies that refuse refugees." Slovakia called the verdict "unjust", but announced to accept it.

Merkel: EU refugee policy a "very thick board"
Merkel sees her basic course in the EU refugee policy not endangered by the attitude of some Eastern European countries. "It is an obviously very thick board to be drilled," she told the Berlin newspaper. The whole EU agreed on the protection of the external borders, on development aid and the fight against causes of refugees, as well as migration partnerships with African countries. The states also wanted the asylum system in the EU to be "more crisis-proof than in the past," Merkel said.

In the case of the solidarity of refugees in Europe, there are now only three or four states from 28 member states, who have rigorously rejected this, the Chancellor said. All the others have agreed to "take their share", and according to the ruling of the European Court of Justice, "even to the Prime Minister of Slovakia," she added.

 EU countries are to receive money for the reception of refugees
According to a report of the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung", the dispute over the distribution of refugees is to be solved by an incentive system. According to this, a state from the EU is to receive 60,000 euros from the EU for every refugee who has been taken over. If, however, the EU member exceeds the rate fixed for him by more than half, 60,000 euros per person will be deducted.

The distribution mechanism for a maximum of 200,000 refugees per year is intended. This results in a financial requirement of up to € 12 billion. It should also be possible to stop border guards or national asylum officers from overloaded states and to take over less immigrants.


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