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Mercedes Wins Ferrari Debacle: "We Had Reserves"

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 | Sports

(cafetheology.org) – It was a lone double success for the Mercedes team at the Italian Grand Prix on Sunday in Monza: Lewis Hamilton won with an apparent ride before his team colleague Valtteri Bottas – and 36,317 seconds before the competition, led by Sebastian Vettel in the Ferrari. It was the first "back-to-back" win of the Formula 1 season 2017, which brought the British also the lead in the World Cup overall evaluation. Problems? "Nullkommanull," the drivers said in unison. Hamilton's chest was so wide on the podium that he shot a small arrow in the direction of the vast masses of Tifosi on the track and the main tribe: "I love the Ferrari fans, they are fantastic, the ex-champion, who had often picked up some whistles in the past few days, to play the muscles, said: "Mercedes power is just better than Ferrari power. A true word. Silver was fast-paced in enemy territory. So fast, even Sportchef Toto Wolff is amazed – but not about his own performance, but about the failures of the competition: "Our pace was good, but rather it was so that the Ferrari today did not work "They were too far away in the middle sector, it was more of a problem on their cars than a dominance from us." "We had races in which we were much stronger – Silverstone or Monza, and then as in Budapest or surprisingly spa, "says Wolff. He thinks the world championships, where silver silver spurs, although the characteristics of the courses did not suggest. "With the new cars you have to do your homework, you understand. Ferrari missed the answers today, they missed us in previous races." Mercedes sacrificed a good car on the Longruns at Spa Tempo, which cost stability on the brake and the bends. In Monza the deficits were blown away, a pleased Wolff.Hamilton needed only on the first meters. "The start was difficult, there was not so much grip there," he says about the trickiest phase on Sunday, which quickly passes was when he drew his circles at the top. Bottas, who had to leave Rikknen in the end of the day with a touching duel and a touch at the entrance of the Curva Grande, was more demanding: "When Kimi was overtaken by the kids, he could have been a difficult race backed up and made a fantastic second place, "Wolff swarmed. In fact, the Finn worked with bravura forward. He countered Rikknen in the parabolic curve on the runway, then ran the "kids" – Lance Stroll and Esteban Ocon. However, the Mercedes-fired offspring also did not resist. "I had to stay focused and step forward," says Bottas, "but the car was so strong today." He then stayed behind Hamilton, the Vettel in a dialogue between the two after crossing the grid bought that he would have been on the road with full power. The driver even made a brief visit to the gravel bed, at least with two wheels. For Wolff, a sign of how unquestionably the success was: "It is important for the driver that you always have a certain pressure so that you do not lose the concentration But he always had everything under control. " Niki Lauda, ​​the team's supervisor, does not recognize the lapsing of his scoundrel: "You are quick to wake up when things like that happen, and you can not think of anything else in the race and nothing has been done wrong, "said the racing legend.Hamilton says that the end of the race – side by side with Bottas – was" something special "and" Solidaritt demonstrated ". The fact that Red Bull would have been dangerous to him without the grid penalties does not mean "we still have reserves", he suggests that Vettel was not wrong with his assumption. Wolff sees a special "Monza package" as a reason for the surprising advent of the Austrians, but he has said: "We have been looking for a reasonable way to drive them but not to take too much too much trouble, that the running performance will play a role in the end. "


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