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Mercedes warns not to be World Cup favorite after Monza

Monday, September 4th, 2017 | Sports

One week ago, Sebastian Vettel's squad was able to make an impression on the allegedly disadvantageous tracks, she demonstrated in Spa-Francorchamps. "They have made us fire," Wolff admits. The car revealed unexpected problems when accelerating out of slow passages such as the La Source hairpin and the bus-stop chicane. Probably because they had sought a set-up compromise in favor of Rennpace and had to make sacrifices.

New World Championship leader, but not sure about his cause: Hamilton

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Maybe Mercedes has not escaped the pinch, but has bypassed it. Bottas explains: "In the spa, there was a need for a number of different situations: constant speed, traction can suffer, and there are no high-speed curves in Monza." Ergo were the alleged Achilles heels – the sections after the chicanery Rettifilo and Della Roggia – no, because the engineers optimized the Boliden without regard for losses.In Singapore, Suzuka, Austin or Abu Dhabi it will not work to the most liquid and challenging courses the rest of the calendar. "We had a package for Monza, but it was not done with a little downforce. Our car was strong in the corners – in every kind of turn – that was encouraging, "says the Austrian. But it was really possible to do so in a matter of four days, and the silver arrows are up for grabs. They will not come in Singapore, but in the further course of the season. With the drives they have pulled their last joker in Spa. "We pulled up an engine early to have the performance gain, but his life will be over in the end," Wolff recalls his Vabanque game, which leaves scope for further gambling: Why not invest a penalty in fresh PS and an update? "Ferrari is also at the fourth turbocharger. It can be good that we get penalties," he orally plans.Plan A is obviously not. That's why Mercedes turned the V6 hybrids of Hamilton and Bottas back in Monza. "We looked at the damage profile of the drives and tried to find a reasonable way to drive them, but not to damage the engine." Means: The lead could have turned out even bigger. Accordingly, the chest is at Hamilton. "It's a feeling that makes me stronger because I've been struggling all the time to perfect what I needed to beat the Ferraris," he says. "As I've done the past races, so solid, I've felt more heart and passion with me." Silverstone was a weekend of courage, which sparked a fire inside me. " In Monza it burned lichterloh.


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