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Mercedes puts 50 million US dollars in US start-up Via

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 | Gadgets

Mercedes Benz expands its activities in the field of travel offers. To this end, the company's transport division is establishing a joint venture with New York-based start-up Via. According to the company, Daimler is a strategic investor in Via. The builder is putting 50 million US dollars into the young company.

          Corresponding statements were signed today. As the only company in this sector, Via has developed scalable on-demand ride solutions. The intelligent Via algorithm allows for a dynamic mass transport system that complements public transport and reduces traffic in cities. The technology of Via and the engineering of Mercedes-Benz Vans provide a perfect combination for an efficient, low-cost, and sustainable ride offer. Via offers a so-called "ride-sharing service" in some American cities. The algorithm allows a dynamic mass transport system to supplement the public transport of persons and to reduce traffic in cities. Passengers enter their driving license into an app and ask for a ride. The system then assigns it to a van with other passengers, which is near and in the same direction. The Vans are controlled by professional drivers. As the companies announce, the service will be launched in Europe this year – first in London. Further European cities will follow. In the US cities of Washington, Chicago and New York, where Via has been active for some time, the company has reportedly completed about one million trips a month. The joint venture is set to launch its own services in Europe, the technology but also for example for existing local transport providers, it says. In the course of the cooperation, Volker Mornhinweg will take over the board seat in the Via Board of Directors (Board of Directors) for Daimler Mobility Services. Daimler and Via have been working together since 2015. The joint venture is to operate as an independent entity from Amsterdam. ron (with dpa)





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