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Mercedes front: why Ferrari can still win in Spa

Saturday, August 26th, 2017 | Sports

26. August 2017 – 20:30

Sebastian Vettel or Lewis Hamilton? Or does it win a completely different one?

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(cafetheology.org) – Lewis Hamilton secured the 68th pole position of his career on Saturday as a big favorite in the Grand Prix of Belgium on Sunday. World Championship leader Sebastian Vettel is on second place, followed by the team colleagues of the two – Kimi Rikknen and Valtteri Bottas. Although Hamilton has the best starting position, his chasers in the race have quite realistic chances for the victory. After all, a procession such as was last seen in Hungary, for example, is not to be expected in Belgium. "There are two very long straights here, although Eau Rouge intervenes on one side and Blanchimont on the other, but you can take a good look at it, and both straights end up in curves that are braked "Says Vettel. In Budapest, the German last saved the win, although his Ferrari was heavily hit and the steering was no longer straight. In Spa something would probably not be possible, because the route offers – at least on paper – much better accessibility. The first opportunity is the start. "The start is very important, and the best way to go is to get on the first straight to Eau Rouge," warns Toto Wolff.Strategy leaves a lot of questions open "We have to be careful, it would have been better if we had Valtteri in second place , But it is just like that, "the Austrian, who is quite aware of the danger by Vettel. "The first long straight will be exciting, I do not dare to make a prediction," says Wolff. "In the qualifying, Hamilton was 0.242 seconds faster than Vettel, but Wolff Warns: "The Ferrari's longrun was very fast, we just do not know how much fuel they had, and I think both cars have the pace to win the race." Theoretically, the two Finns have the chance to fight Hamilton and Vettel. Because the race on Sunday will not be the start – unlike so far this season often – not to start. Background: It is still unclear which strategy is the best in Spa. "Because of yesterday's conditions, this is a big unknown for all," says Rikknen, referring to the rain in the second practice on Friday, adding: "The tires are very soft on this track, but they seem to work well But it's a different story. "Red Bull in the race is significantly stronger, and the fact is that all top 10 drivers will have to start on Ultrasoft on Sunday. This mixture has never been used in a race in Belgium. There could be different strategies. It is not yet clear whether the teams will try to get through with one or two stops. Fr Toto Wolff is already certain: "I think it's going to be quite exciting …" Especially since Red Bull could have another stranger in the bill. Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo start from the fifth and sixth places and should not be a danger to the top quartet under normal circumstances. However, Verstappen declares optimistically, "We should be in the running, so it's always the case, because in qualifying they can turn their engine up more." And Ricciardo explains with a grin: "The first Curve is very interesting here … "If one of the two bulls succeeds a good start, one could very quickly find themselves in the top group again. Whether one can also compete is a completely different question, but stopping at least does not expect to be a light "victim" for the Mercedes and Ferrari on the long straights. Regen will probably not play any role "On the straights we are Quite slowly, "he is aware. "But in the wall shadows, it's mostly okay, we just have to make sure we get a good first turn and come well through Eau Rouge," the Dutchman said before his home game. Ricciardo also explained with regard to the start: "It is of course a possibility to overtake a faster car."


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