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Mercedes astonished: Only Red Bull bites to

Saturday, September 16th, 2017 | Sports

15. September 2017 – 20:04

Mercedes will not win, but can be matchwinner

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(cafetheology.org) – While the first free practice session still looked as good as expected, the Mercedes team will probably be able to sleep more quietly than expected after the second session under more meaningful conditions at the 2017 Grand Prix. "We're a bit worse than expected, but for some reason, Ferrari is even slower," Niki Lauda summarizes the training aptly. Red Bull drove Mercedes away, but the main boss had even more problems in short- and longrun.For Mercedes you would like to focus on yourself. The world is not necessarily a bright world for the success-accustomed team: in both training sessions Lewis Hamilton missed several tenths of a second on Daniel Ricciardo – in the evening session 0.415, in the night session 0.703 seconds. Bottas was more than half a second slower than the World Cup leader in both sessions. (All the results of the Singapore Grand Prix 2017) "Looking at our program, it was a clean and uncomplicated day, but from a performance point of view it was a colorful mix," James Allison summarizes a day that is not fish and not meat for Mercedes was. What makes courage is a Longrun from Hamilton on soft tires, on which he was faster than Sebastian Vettel. "On the qualifying tires, we still have some work ahead of us," says the Mercedes-techchef further.Hamilton pragmatically: third place better than nothingHamilton himself speaks of a "clean day". Despite the high temperatures, the grip was high. The only problem: despite a well-functioning car, Red Bull is significantly faster. "They were expecting them, but they were still a bit stronger," he admits. "There are probably some fundamental things about our car that keep us from being strong here and it will be a tough fight on this course, and we will certainly not dominate as in previous races." Mercedes took the first and second practice at Hamiltons Mercedes W08 some changes, it has at least Red Bull with nothing: Just in the third sector Hamilton and Bottas lose half a second to Daniel Ricciardo. In the other sectors, where a longer straight line is to be completed, the loss of time is lower, but neither Hamilton nor Bottas are faster. Hamilton was much faster than Ferrari, but he says: "They should still be close to us "Vettel has not been able to finish his round, I think it's pretty tight." But even that would be amazing because Ferrari had actually been expected to dominate Mercedes in Singapore like they did in Monza with the Reds.Niki Lauda warns, in the meantime, of falling into euphoria in the face of the surprising Ferrari weakness: It's true that our World Cup opponent is just Vettel, but we think race by race, and what I've seen today is that Red Bull is all over the mountains, one second faster in Longrun. " There also the seats three and four do not comfort him: "One and two would be better." "We're going to be third, but it's better than nothing," he says. "My goal is to get ahead of Sebastian." Bottas is looking for half a second while Hamilton still satisfying satisfaction, Valtteri Bottas experienced a ravenous day: in both training sessions, he had half a second behind his team-mate. His shrinking World Cup chances are not necessarily bigger. "I'm not where I should be, that was far from the best," he goes with himself hard into the court. He emphasizes in a prayer-like manner that Red Bull simply can create more contact pressure than Mercedes. There are also problems with the Ultrasoft tire. "It was a bit better in the second session, but that's not enough." Nevertheless, he does not want to be left alone. "We have had bad Fridays several times and have increased in the course of the weekend." After all, he can build on the promise of Allison: "We have to work with him to bring him to the pace of Lewis."


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