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Meeting Owl: AI Owl Recognizes Participants in Meetings

Monday, September 11th, 2017 | Gadgets

The startup company Owl Labs has presented its product, the meeting Owl. It is a video conferencing system placed on the meeting table. A 360-degree camera captures all participants in the room. Via an arrangement of eight microphones, these can also be recorded acoustically. The special thing about the product is that it uses artificial intelligence to recognize faces and noise sources.

Meeting Owl can always recognize the current employee and focuses the camera on him. The AI ​​algorithm also recognizes other call participants and switches them in parallel in a further window. In a demovideo, all participants in the table are shown in the upper half of the screen.
A little pixelated fish eye view
The 360-degree camera, which covers a radius of 3.6 meters, appears to be filming in 720p resolution or lower, since faces look somewhat frayed. However, the image quality in onlinemeetings is often also limited by the Internet connection. The manufacturer has not given any details. The view also looks slightly distorted by the 360 ​​degree view, similar to a fish eye lens. The camera can record in HDR, which is useful in low light conditions.

    Structure of the product (Image: Owl Labs)

Dieselbe KI also uses the Microphones of the Meeting Owl and automatically assigns them to speaking participants. The system also has noise suppression. The sampling rate is 48 kHz.

To run the meeting Owl, a host computer with MacOS 10.8, Windows 7 or even Linux is necessary. The product is compatible with conference programs such as Slack, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Gotomeeting, Skype and Bluejeans.
Included is a 2-meter USB cable. After the purchase, there is a one-year, limited warranty. The meeting Owl costs 800 US dollars on the producer side.


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