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McLaren makes nails with heads: first Renault, then Alonso?

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 | Sports

September 3, 2017 – 6:19 pm
Company boss Zak Brown is able to see how McLarens's future should look – the Renault announcement could already take place on Monday

The McLaren bosses seem to have a solution to their numerous problems

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(cafetheology.org) – The McLaren team, according to information from 'cafetheology.org' in the coming days – after long-lasting speculation – for two drummers. As can be seen on the margins of the Italian Grand Prix, it seems to have agreed with Honda on a separation and to send the Japanese to Toro Rosso to get to Renault drives for 2018. Starpilot Fernando Alonso would probably stay aboard, says company boss Zak Brown. "We have to be more competitive, the weekend has shown that we are not really making progress," says Brown , who suffered a loss of MGU-K defect in Monza Stoffel Vandoornes, after the Belgian had to change parts after the qualifying session. "How long can we wait until we have bustled drivers, partners, and fans? All keep us, but it will not go on forever." And the time is pressing. Even now, McLaren is no longer able to make use of a regular passport that would force Mercedes, Ferrari or Renault to supply the team with V6 hybrids. A corresponding deadline has already expired a few months ago. Do the Britons run the risk of standing up like a Red Bull without a partner? "That will not happen, I think," Brown waves energetically. "We will certainly not allow that." Because the Renault solution is tangible, if Toro Rosso releases the third customer of the French, which would also saturate Honda and give Red Bull more options for 2019. "The manufacturers are not ready for more teams. Honda wants to stay in the sport – whether with us or some other team," Brown notes. Liberty Media, who must be interested in a more powerful McLaren, has the fingers in the game: "We met with the FIA ​​and with Chase Carey. They are very helpful," the boss in Woking can look through or Tuesday, as we have heard, would be logical. McLaren is under pressure because the car must be put on the wheel for 2018. The designers can only work if they know about the drive: "We are at a point where we get technical difficulties with the chassis, otherwise we will have the drive problem, but the chassis is not," emphasizes Brown. Starter Fernando Alonso could convince a Renault-Rochade to stay in Woking. "It is very probable," Brown says of a Spaniard's contract extension, without making them dependent on the driving question: "I would not rule out not staying with us when we continue with Honda." Because Alonso wants to remain the Formula 1 absolutely. And he'd like McLaren to say, "We've often met each other today. He loves the team," says Brown. He also knows that Alonso wants to be competitive.



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