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McLaren: Honda decision does not depend on Toro Rosso

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 | Sports

01. September 2017 – 19:44

Zak Bown has to consider how it will continue with McLaren in 2018

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(cafetheology.org) – Does McLaren continue with Honda or not? This question has been occupied by Formula 1 for months, but a decision is not far off. Radio driver camp says that a choice must be made by Sunday at 6 pm, but CEO Zak Brown refuses: "We do not have to make a decision this weekend," he says. But the future is still to be clarified in early September. However, it depends on various question marks. Honda is the first option for McLaren, but Fernando Alonso is said to have lost confidence in the Japanese and want to stay without Honda, and McLaren is getting more and more skeptical. McLaren needs a competitive engine in 2018. "We have to see if we think they're going to get where we want them to be," says Brown about Honda. In the coming week, Brit would like to "get together with guys who have more idea of ​​engines than me" he explains. There you want to look at how the plans of Honda look. Theoretically, you should think that McLaren has all the necessary information together – and that you can gain positive insights on the power route of Monza is difficult to imagine.Renault representative at McLaren to visitDoch McLaren continues to ask for patience. For as simple as it seems, it is not. "There are many parts for the puzzle, some are in our hands, others are not," says Brown. This is especially true when the engine manufacturer changes. Because because Mercedes and Ferrari are blocking, only Renault as a Honda replacement would come into question. But they adore themselves because they do not want to equip a fourth racing battalion next to Red Bull, Toro Rosso and the Werksteam. Another problem: Honda was out of Formula One. That does not please Liberty Media. Therefore, the rumor about a deal between Toro Rosso and Honda appear logical. Discussions are still to take place, even if there was the last opposite. This is because the Renault representatives Cyril Abiteboul, Alain Prost and Jerome Stoll had visited McLaren today – according to Brown, but because he wanted to restore the engine of his private Lotus 98T. "I want it to be done properly," he laughs. Still, the current rumor still heats up, but Brown asserts that you do not want to wait for any decisions of Toro Rosso: "We are waiting for nobody, then the decisions are made by someone else and we have to make our own decisions, "he points out. And they want to be well-advised, because many consequences depend on a corresponding deal.Sports decision has priority Honda brings besides the engines large financial input and resources into the team, while one would be with Renault only one of many teams. But McLaren is reportedly not interested in economic interests: "The best thing for McLaren would be the best possible sporting decision, the business will follow," says Brown. "We are here to win, which makes us successful." For not being able to stand on the podium, you can not afford to do it, the manager continues. But this condition has lasted for three and a half years. The last podium was for McLaren for the 2014 season. If you do not follow this season, which is what it looks like, you would be among the top three in a race in just five years ,


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