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McLaren boss: One day is a Chinese Formula 1 superstar

Saturday, September 9th, 2017 | Sports

09. September 2017 – 10:19

Zak Brown believes in the chance to find a Formula 1 star in Asia

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(cafetheology.org) – McLaren boss Zak Brown is convinced that one day in Formula 1 a starpilot from Asia would be on the road. In conversation with 'cafetheology.org' he says: "The day will come." Confidently, with a view to the development of the scene in China, the biggest people on earth had to wait for a successful NBA basketball player before Yao Ming broke the ice. "The more the Formula 1 in Asia is, the easier it is," says Brown. He knows, however, that it is not done with money alone. "Talent can not be produced", the marketing specialist and Hobbyracer signals – at least the superstars would not come from the production line. "Up to a point, but not until you get a great racing driver," Brown relativizes the importance of financial resources in the promotion of young talent, which is not too generous in Asia. At the moment, no Chinese are talking about the job in the junior series. Over a job as a test driver, their predecessors are not: Ho-Pin Tung was once in the mist of the Renault factory, before Qing-Hua Ma docked on Friday with HRT and Caterham. With Adderly Fong, Sauber was finally able to fill the box office from a Hong Kong Chinese. "We do not have as many Brazilians as we would like, and no Italians or US Americans." McLaren, who currently has an office in Singapore, has his hands tied, "There is not much that we can do, hopefully one day there will be an Asian series," Brown hopes, Calendars in Asia – and calls for a second China race.


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