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Max Verstappen speaks in plain text: "meaningless to continue"

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 | Sports

30. August 2017 – 14:26

Max Verstappen has enough excuses and looks black

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(cafetheology.org) – Max Verstappen has his nose full. After his sixth failure in twelfth season races because of a motor problem, he lost the confidence to soon have a victorious car. "I'm not going to be clear with this situation any more, and I'm close to it," says the 19-year-old Red Bull driver. "This should not happen with a top team, and I do not have the impression that there is a quick solution to these problems." All he asked was a package to win. "But that is not possible at the moment, and it will take quite a while before it is possible." The Dutchman is aware of the fact that Red Bull is delivered with Renault as a driving partner and that the defects do not fall within the scope of the team. "The problem does not come from Red Bull", he takes his team in the Dutch TV show 'PetTalk' in protection. "I'm dependent on the package." Nor does he want to accept the excuses of Renault any longer. Renault consultant Alain Prost has personally apologized for the loss of 70,000 Dutch fans in Spa. "They apologize for me all year long, but that does not help me," Verstappen shows annoyed. "Of course, they want me to stick to good things and continue to believe in them." Why Stops Not Believe in a Renault Solution But Stappen considers all this to be fine words and fears further problems: "If you know the reason, then you can But it is something different each time that is broken, so there are no solutions. "

Almost daily, the marmot greets: Stabbing gets off because of the engine

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In addition, the problems always occur with him, while Daniel Ricciardo enters a podium after another. "I do not understand," sighs Starbase. The strong results of the "Aussies", which even won in Baku, make all this even more frustrating. "It's been like that all year long." Especially since the Youngster often shows that he is the faster man as racing driver father and manager Jos Verstappen against 'Ziggo Sport': "He is half a second faster than his team colleague in qualifying." But what alternatives does stopping now? While team-mate Daniel Ricciardo is still contracting until the end of the coming season, the contract of the Dutchman is still valid until the end of 2019. On the other hand, one can not force a pilot who does not want to drive anymore. And the frustration is tremendous.Marko: Stardom struggles with the motivationOn the question of whether he has alternatives, Verstappen answers: "I do not know, I do not care so much, but it does not make any sense to continue as before. " When asked whether he has alternatives, he shrugs: "I do not have to do anything." "But it is not a pleasant situation." Helmut MarkoDat Red Bulls promise for the future of the Hope, is also aware of the decision makers at the once world champion team. Helmut Marko knows that the hat is on fire. "It is becoming increasingly difficult to motivate him," the Austrian admits to "Sky". Verstappen knows, however, that Red Bull does everything to initiate the trend reversal. "It's a good fit from the chassis, but it's not a pleasant situation." Red Bull is under enormous pressure despite the contract with Stappen "If it does not change and he looks around for the contract somewhere else, that is more than understandable." Dietrich MateschitzAnd also Teamchef Christian Horner tries to keep things in a good mood and describes the situation as characteristic. "You can always say that," says Verstappen. "But it's enough, but I do not need it." Instead, Red Bull would make him stronger. Does Red Bull risk losing his pilot despite the contract? "First, we have a contract with him, secondly, Ferrari is full, third is full at Mercedes," Marko analyzes the current situation and sees no acute danger. "Where is he going? At the moment, we're the best, but of course, if it does not change, and he looks around for the contract somewhere else, that's more than understandable." That means: At the beginning of 2019, For the future, stopping the absolute conviction must be to be able to win with Red Bull wins and titles. "I do not want luck, I want to win," he says. "We will give him a good car next year," promises Teamchef Horner against 'Sky Sports F1'. But does the Renault problems at all help? "Red Bull would have to build a car that is seven tenths faster than anyone else," says Verstappen loudly. "How is that going to happen?" Verstappen does not plan an early jumping-off. Red-Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz have long shrieked the alarm bells. "We know that we will not be able to hold Max if we can not put him in the future with a winning car," says the Austrian against Speedweek. But he does not see a quick solution in the engine question: "It has not changed for us. Mercedes or Ferrari we do not get, Honda does not help us." At least, Verstappen seems to be willing to comply with the Red Bull contract. For the question of how to proceed in the long term, he simply means: "We see that when my contract expires."


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