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Max Verstappen over aggressive driving style: "So am I eben"

Sunday, September 17th, 2017 | Sports

17. September 2017 – 08:03

Stops can not be overcome by technical margins – and remains positive

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(cafetheology.org) – A year ago, Max Verstappen's driving style was on everyone's lips. Meanwhile, the debate about the two-team leadership of the Red Bull pilot has calmed down – which makes him hope that his Formula 1 competitors would have resigned themselves with his hard bandages. In the interview, the 19-year-old also explains what his good childhood has to do with the numerous Renault breakdowns of the recent past. And he talks about the stubbornness in his Dutch home.Question: "Herr Verstappen, you have been trapped in the technology parcel in the past few months, how do you deal with such disappointments?" Are the chairs flying through your hotel room? but I'm not sure if it's a good thing to do, but I do not know what to do with it, my father has always forbidden me to pepper helmets on the ground, I never did and will never do it – unless it gets really bad (laughs), but I do not want it and the team is not, but the team can do it, stay positive and work hard to get rid of the bad luck. "Question:" So everything is always forgotten on Mondays? "Stopping:" No, sometimes it takes a while to forget things and the future pos itiv. In principle, I would like to approach the coming races in the style of a mini championship. For me, the season is still in the bucket. "Question:" The technical margins do not affect your motivation? "Stopping:" On the contrary. I am more motivated after so many incidents than before. "Question:" Do you feel relaxed about it because you know you can still drive 15 or 20 years of Formula 1? Unlike Fernando Alonso at McLaren, who runs out of time? "Verstappen:" No, I also want to win! It is not that I would say to myself: 'I am 19 years old, I can take it easy.' No, I want to win now. It is not possible at the moment, but hopefully it will change soon so I can have a word for the win next year. "

Lots of bad luck: The 2017 season does not go according to the taste Max Stops

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Q: "Have you expressed your loyalty to Red Bull, is it the main reason that you are still driving for the team?" Stupid: "I also have a contract." Question: "What are contracts in Formula One? "" I have not experienced so often that contracts have been broken. "" Do you think about 2019? "Stupid:" No, I will first see what achievements we will have in the coming season "The team gets maybe Honda engines …" "I do not know. At the moment, I just know we're on the road with Renault …" … and that is "Your driver, Pascal Wehrlein, will be able to deal with career and contract questions completely from Mercedes, so how is it with you? ? "Verstappen:" I'm personally not involved, but I talk a lot with my Ma nager and my father because they negotiate the contracts. It is a different situation. I was never in a Juniorteam, but I was selected directly for the Formula 1. It is different from many Red Bull juniors or the Toro-Rosso drivers. This situation is unique. "


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