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Max Verstappen interprets: without improvements no fate

Monday, August 21st, 2017 | Sports

21 August 2017 – 15:52
Max Verstappen has publicly demanded improvements from Red Bull if you do not want to lose the Dutchman to the competition

Max Verstappen calls for a competitive car

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(cafetheology.org) – How long can Red Bull Max Stappen still hold? It is no secret that the Dutchman would prefer to drive for victories and the world title sooner rather than later. However, Red Bull was unable to supply him with a corresponding car in 2017, which is why barbells are said to be bogged down again and again. Now the 19-year-old underlines these rumors once more. "I always told them (Red Bull) that if I have a competitive car, there is no reason to go," he says. What is competitive is that every driver has to judge for himself, but the current situation does not suffice in any case: "Of course we are not at the moment where I want to be," he says. So the Youngster is already thinking of Ferrari Or Mercedes? He says, "This does not mean you give up immediately. You have to work hard with the team and try to get the best out." "If there is no improvement after two or three years, then it is a different matter," he says, He emphasizes. And actually it has not gone up since the arrival of 2016 with the team. Verstappen was able to win the first race in Barcelona, ​​but since then there has been emptiness about the victory account. Actually, Red Bull wanted to be World Cup-capable this year, but besides a happy victory in Baku the top teams are behind.

Max Verstappen set the record as the youngest Formula 1 driver of all times in 2015 – his predecessors around Sebastian Vettel and Co. were somewhat more experienced

# 10: Sebastian Vettel. From the early Red Bull promotion, a certain four-time world champion can sing a song. In 2007, BMW Sauber launched a milkbubi from Heppenheim, which is only 19 years and 349 days old when it is first launched in the USA. But Sebastian Vettel is known as a model for all showers. He succeeds in the rise to Red Bull, where he leads a four-year dominance era. After the former Zahnspangenträger was able to write history, he has now devoted himself to the tradition of Ferrari.

This is the reason why the team is already in the second year, but for 2018 he gives his team a loyalty: "We are working hard to improve. However, Verstappen would like to see successes again this year. The Dutchman is currently only sixth in the overall ranking and is the stamper with the fewest rounds this season – thanks to five failures. "We are continuing to develop, but the same is true for the others." Red Bulls problem is that motor partner Renault hardly this year Performance, but rather the reliability in view. There will not be any major updates: "We have to look a bit faster and better than the others, because the engine side is not much, while the other teams are progressing in both areas," Stappen says 2017 would be nothing with the world title, was clear due to correlation problems with the wind tunnel early. "After the first three races, I do not have goals anymore," the Youngster sighs. "I just watch every weekend what is possible – and then I try to make the most of it." And if it should not be better in 2018, then a very exciting Silly Season threatens in a year.



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