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Max Verstappen: Formula 3 is very similar to the Formula 1

Saturday, September 9th, 2017 | Sports

09. September 2017 – 14:13

Max Verstappen as a Formula 3 driver: Here he got the ground for the Formula 1

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(cafetheology.org) – Red Bull talent Max Verstappen has described the Formula 3 Championship as a patent route into the royal class. The Dutchman, who finished third in the 2014 Championships, is enthusiastic about the series: "I've learned a lot," he says about his time in the FIA ​​category, which he obviously still has the formula 2: "Technically, the car is the one closest to a Formula One car because there is so much disruption." Dangers are caused by a 565 kilogram heavy vehicle, which is equipped with a two-horsepower combustion engine with 240 hp ( supplied by Mercedes and Volkswagen). The unit chassis is produced by Dallara. "I would not have come to Formula One so quickly," he says. In fact, Verstappen, who had previously only been to karting, and then went straight to the stadium Toro Rosso went, the best example of the goodness of Formula 3 as a talent shed. Even the 2014 champion Esteban Ocon – today at Force India – was able to avoid the GP2 at that time and still be a full-fledged pilot in the circle of the best. Williams' 18-year-old Youngster Lance Stroll recently made the direct climb to Formula One. Stappen considers it a part of the success formula that the championship has a tight schedule and runs three races on a race weekend – which also affects the royal class. "The good thing about Formula 3 is that so many races are being driven, but now it is 30 per season, and it was great to have two training sessions and two qualifying sessions," explains the Red Bull pilot.


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