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Martin Shkreli must be back in custody

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | World News

A US court has lifted the release on bail of the controversial pharmaceutical and hedge fund manager Martin Shkreli because of a bizarren Facebook posts.

Martin Shkreli had been guilty in financial fraud in August, but remained free against a million censure until the verdict in January. The 34-year-old, who was notorious for his strange behavior, had called on Facebook in September to pull a strand of the then US Presidential candidate Clinton. He offered a reward of 5000 dollars. In a letter to the judge, Shkreli apologized on Tuesday for his "bad joke".

However, the court did not admit its argument, classified the online posts as a "call for an assault", and described Shkreli as a threat to the general public. On his judgment on 16 January, he now has to wait in custody.

"Most man-made man of the USA"
Shkreli was titled two years ago as the "most worthless man in the US", because he was the head of the pharmaceutical company Turing at the time the price of an AIDS drug had increased by more than 50 times. But this scandal is not the subject of the present process.


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