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Martin Schulz wants a Germany without nuclear weapons

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 | World News

SPD chancellor candidate Martin Schulz wants to reach the withdrawal of the US nuclear weapons stored in Germany.

This was what Schulz said at an election in Trier. "As a Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, I will work to save nuclear weapons stored in Germany." According to unconfirmed information, up to 20 US atomic bombs are stored on the Bundeswehr airborne horseman in Büchel in the Eifel.

"Armament limitation more urgently than ever"
In addition, a government led by him would take an armament limitation initiative. "It can not be that the Federal Republic of Germany, without comment and without a point of view, looks like an upgrading spiral, which is wanted by Trump (US President Donald), continues to develop," said Schulz. "More than ever before, the North Korean conflict points to the need for arms limitation, especially nuclear disarmament, more than ever before."

  Schulz once again accused Merkel of spending € 30 billion on the armament of the Bundeswehr, in order to achieve the NATO target of armaments expenditures amounting to two percent of the economic output, as demanded by Trump.

"We reject this rearmament," Schulz said. Instead, the money should be spent, for example, on schools, rural development and the improvement of infrastructures.

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