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Martin Schulz offers Merkel Ministerposten

Monday, September 11th, 2017 | World News

Two weeks before the Bundestagswahl, the SPD, according to its Chancellor candidate Martin Schulz did not look at another large coalition. He held fast to his goal of becoming chancellor. Angela Merkel offers a job for this case.

  "I want to become Chancellor, and if Mrs. Merkel wants to enter my Cabinet, she can do it gladly," said Schulz, adding, "If you want to replace Merkel, you have to choose Schulz, the SPD has to choose . "

The SPD is in surveys between 21 and 25 percent. Schulz would not have a realistic chance of becoming a chancellor. A "traffic light" alliance with FDP and Greens as well as a red-green-green coalition with left and Greens are far from a majority.

The SPD chancellor candidate said he did not look at opinion polls. "For all of them, they can publish opinion polls as much as they want, and place cookies with mutti on the first page, I do not care, I fight for my convictions."

Four-core promise for the voters
Schulz reaffirmed the four "core promises" he had sent to his electorate on Sunday with video commentaries: equality in education with equal wages for men and women, fair pay especially in social professions, just pensions and the commitment to a democratic Europe.

 "Without these four points, no one can enter into negotiations with us on the formation of a government," the SPD chief said, conditions for a future coalition. What a coalition this could be, the SPD-chancellor candidate did not settle again. "I'm talking about content," Schulz said. He wanted to "make the SPD as strong as possible". Above all else will be decided after the election.

A denial to the Union
He will not support the increase in the German defense budget, which is targeted by the CDU and CSU by up to 30 billion euros per year. "With me, the two-percent goal will not be possible," Schulz said. He dismissed the impression that these were conditions for a new grand coalition. The CDU rejected all these points

The SPD leader expressed his confidence that there would be "a procession" of possible coalition partners in the direction of the SPD party center. Perhaps there is also a procession to the Konrad-Adenauer-Haus, the CDU party center, added Schulz to the journalists in Berlin.


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