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Marquez scorned: I do not feel like Iannones play

Friday, September 8th, 2017 | Sports

08. September 2017 – 20:19

Marquez was anything but happy after the rematches of Iannone

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(cafetheology.org) – A good start can decide victory or defeat. In the MotoGP, this is no different. Start attempts at the end of each training session are therefore ga and gbe. In Misano, one of these busting starts almost in the eye. After the second free practice session, Honda driver Marc Marquez was about to leave when Andrea Iannone (Suzuki) came up behind him and touched his rear wheel.Then the touch was easy, because Marquez could start anyway, but his start attempt was still ruined. And this frustrated the Spaniard visibly, which Iannone still signaled on the course with a corresponding hand movement, what he from the action has. The Honda pilot suspects Iannone did not quite inadvertently touch him. He spoke of "games", which he did not want to play. "I was a bit mad, because I lost my starting attempt," says Marquez. "I do not know what that should be, maybe he was too excited, I think he was in position nine, which would bring him right in his home race in Q2, and he wanted to play, but I do not want that at the moment to fight the World Cup. " Marquez is now nine points after his failure at Silverstone, the Spaniard knows: "Everything is important, even the start of the game, because you have to calculate the torque correctly and all these things, I go out with the bike extra once again to the start But well, this time it did not work. " Iannone, who also sticks Marquez in the qualifying of the rear wheel, is known for his games, "but I do not want to play now, but I want to focus on the World Cup." Iannone himself is not aware of this as so often. The Suzuki pilot is playing the incident: "There was nothing happening, Marc tried a start, I came behind him and thought he was going very soon," explains the Italian. "So I drove slowly, before the start, it came to the touch at the last moment, but that can happen." He often has a lot of contacts in the race, there is not one standing up. "


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