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Marquez admits: "It was my fault"

Friday, August 25th, 2017 | Sports

25. August 2017 – 6:56 pm

Marc Marquez 'training was overrun by two falls on Friday

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(cafetheology.org) – For Marc Marquez, the first training day at Silverstone ended up unsanely. The Honda pilot landed twice in the second free practice session in the gravel bed. On his first flying lap, the Spaniard crashed over the rear wheel in turn-by-turn on corner four and was thrown out by highsider. Fortunately, he remained largely untouched. Towards the end of the session, Marquez rushed again. This time the front wheel slipped away from him in turn 13. Again, the World Championship leader was on the road ahead and behind with the toughest tire mixture that many MotoGP pilots tested in the afternoon, including Cal Crutchlow (LCR-Honda) and Valentino Rossi Yamaha) were fast on the road. With them, Marquez could only measure conditionally due to the falls. "This has completely ruined our training plan, we were limited to working with a motorbike," he explains. The blame for the first crash is the 24-year-old: "I saw that it was sunny and therefore I believed that I was On the first lap but it was not. The tire might not have the right temperature yet, "Marquez admits. "I have to be careful, but I felt good when I came out of the box, it was my mistake, I forgot that we are in Silverstone with the hard hind leg." Second bike with another set-up – Marquez nevertheless fastTrotz The MotoGP world champion did not allow a long break, hurried to the pits and went back to the track with his second bike. This is exactly how Marquez is known. "I'd like to go out and attack again, I did, because that's the only way to forget the fall," says the Spaniard. "I immediately went back to the limit, was fast and could increase my lap time, then I collapsed again, but I have to forget that too." Marquez had both duced with Crutchlow for the best time, 2: 01.611 minutes at half time Of the session on the second rank. And this, although his second Honda had a "completely different set-up": "We could not change it because it took too long, my self-confidence was not good, but I still have good lap times, and I am happy, The World Cup leader concludes. The second crash prevented him from increasing again in the final minutes. The 24-year-old still fell to fifth place. The plan for tomorrow is clearly defined: Marquez wants to catch up with the work on the set-up, which he missed through the falls. "On this track, we had to change a few things at our base, and we wanted to try them in the afternoon, but I crashed, so we have to try tomorrow," Marquez said The Honda rider could not complete. It is still unclear whether the changes will actually be introduced. This should be discussed in the safety commission as well as the state of the track in Silverstone. Marquez knows: "There are more ground shafts than in the previous year, and we will encourage them to asphalt again, because it is the worst course in the calendar."


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