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Marlene Mortler warns against trivialization of cannabis

Friday, August 18th, 2017 | World News

How dangerous is cannabis really? The Drug Commissioner of the Federal Government warns impertinently against the drug. It points to influential stakeholders.

The Federal Government's Drug Commissioner, Marlene Mortler (CSU), has warned strongly of a trivialization of cannabis. At the same time, on Friday in Berlin, she pointed out that US investors in particular had a good business with cannabis on the German market. The pressure is increasing to legalize cannabis, the CSU politician said at the presentation of the drug and drug addiction report 2017.

"The drug market is now fully globalized," Mortler said. The trivialization of cannabis is now a general trend and one reason why drug use has recently risen again. 6.1 per cent of adults therefore said they had taken the drug in the past 12 months, as many as last 2003.

  The number of consumers rose by 20 per cent after legalization in Colorado
The proportion of dangerous substances in cannabis is now about four times as high as in the 1970s, Mortler said. There must be an end to these lifestyle-driven debts. She pointed to the consequences of the legalization of cannabis in the US state of Colorado, where the number of consumers in adolescents had risen by 20 percent. The incidence of poisoning in young children also increases.

According to Mortler, there is a high pressure on the cannabis lobby. "It's a big deal," she said, adding that even for hedge funds – especially from the USA – rich Germany was a "highly interesting market". These investors are only waiting for cannabis to be legalized here.

 Students available for cannabis lobby via internet
Already with the admission of cannabis as medicine, the voices grew, which hoped for a good business. Mortler said now that the cannabis lobby had better access to parts of the policy than the alcohol or tobacco lobby. Also students reach the cannabis lobby well over the social media.

The earlier the children used cannabis, the higher the risk of mental problems later. According to a Berlin survey, 51 per cent of parents and 12 per cent of teachers do not know that cannabis can seriously damage children's growing brain. The drug consumption must be pushed back and the affected people be taken out of the addiction, said the CSU Bundestag deputy.

Mortler calls for a new prevention program
Mortler demanded an active anti-cannabis policy in the federal government. Local governments and countries should not be left alone. The Confederation also had to spend money on this. A similar large-scale prevention program is needed for the drug as for alcohol and tobacco.

The Left Party threw a disappointing conclusion to Mortler in the end of the legislature. "The number of deaths from illegal drugs has risen by 30 per cent since their inauguration," said the left-wing faction Frank Tempel. "Most of the droids are coming from their home country of Bavaria."

Increase in drug charges in 2016
As Mortler had reported a few weeks ago, in 2016 the number of drug charges in Germany had risen for the fourth time in a row. Last year 1333 people died across the country because they used illegal substances such as heroin, cocaine or crack – nine percent more than in the previous year. For this reason, why most Bavarians recorded the largest number of drug charges, according to Mortler, is unclear. She pleaded to unify the methodology of diagnosis nationwide, in order to be able to make more accurate statements about the cause of death.

The leftist politician Temple demanded a paradigm shift in drug policy: "Whoever is dependent needs help and no punishment." The new regulation on medical cannabis has proved to be a "pipe gun." Every second patient, who is prescribed by the doctor for cannabis, does not receive any costs. " Mortler said the law works.

As a positive trend, the Drug Commissioner highlighted the fact that tobacco and alcohol consumption among young people has declined by two-thirds or half by the past 15 years.


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