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Marketingchef: Other organizers can learn from Monza

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | Sports

September 7, 2017 – 13:45
Sean Bratches, the marketing representative for Formula One, is enthusiastic about the new spectator record and wants to use it when working with other organizers

Red Sea: In Monza you are satisfied with the number of spectators

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(cafetheology.org) – Sean Bratches, the Formula 1 marketing chef, is sure: Monza's last record of breaking the audience record last weekend is that the other organizers can learn about the event in Italy. According to Formula 1 owner Liberty Media, 167,000 spectators came to the legendary circuit in Monza over the entire weekend, which is a new record. Even if the Italian course is something special due to its connection to Ferrari, Bratches hopes for a similar resonance of the Fans on the other racetracks. He said that only five of the 20 event organizers taking place in the royal class would do a good job and be successful. "In Monza, we have a special wind in the sail but to offer the organizers a sort of mask that helps them get their work going, even the definition of a promoter says he has to do something, I think we need to motivate the organizers all the more. "

What else happened in Italy: Honda power at that time and today, Michelle Hunziker and Carlos Sainz 'meerkat

Being Ferrari riders in Italy is something special. Kimi Raikkonen is even scolding the face of the rumble at the Formula 1 parade in the center of Milan. Even if he remains in his attitude in principle: fun in the royal class does not make him the drumherum, but the racing.

"We have 20 promoters, of which only five are real promoters, the rest of the organizers have a passion for cars or are governments," Bratches said. "We want to lift all races to a certain standard and the race in Italy is a really great one The passion, energy and emotions of the fan base here are breathtaking. "It was really contagious. I enjoyed the Grand Prix very much, not just from a business point of view, but also on a private plane, "he says." Going into the fan zone and seeing all these excited faces was very pleasing from my perspective. "



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