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"Market value never so high": Alonso is failing

Sunday, August 27th, 2017 | Sports

27. August 2017 – 8:26 pm

Fernando Alonso was a grateful "victim" for the opponents on the straights

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(cafetheology.org) – After the first round of the Grand Prix of Belgium 2017, Fernando Alonso was in a sensational seventh place. For a moment, the Spaniard "Best of the Rest" was behind the three top teams. But from then on, his race went downhill. He was then ruthless in the field because he was completely unimpressive with the Honda engine on the straights, and he finally had an engine problem that he had to finish the Grand Prix prematurely. "It was an engine problem Performance lost, "reports the Spaniard. He said, "But it was a difficult race anyway, and points were probably impossible." Therefore, he can also take his failure relatively calmly – after his pulse was still 180 on the race before. At the radio of the Spaniard it was loud again and again – and for the spectator entertaining. First, he described the engine as "embarrassing" – that is already known from the past. Then he explained that the race was just a "test" anyway, and he even asked his team to complete the radio traffic completely. "On the straights, I was always overtaken by the DRS zone," reports Alonso. "Alone will be the next week – or worse," explains Alonso, who would probably save the trip to Monza from a sporting point of view. He also gives a clear answer to the question of what needs to change in 2018: "There must be only one change …" He does not speak it, but it is clear that he means the Honda engine Bitter: He describes the debacle in Spa as a "normal race". Already this shows that the Spaniard has no longer any confidence in Honda. The question, however, whether McLaren must change the engine, so that he extends his contract, however, he does not move. "McLaren is one of the best teams in the world, so I would like to continue driving for them", he said, "We have to wait and see what happens in the next few weeks. , Explains Alonso diplomatically. The ex-world champion does not have really big alternatives anyway. Ferrari and Red Bull are already tight for 2018, and with Mercedes the extension with Bottas is only a matter of form. How realistic the last Williams rally is, is also questionable. Alonso himself is nevertheless optimistic and explained: "I think my market value has never been so high as now, I can see from the offers that are available to me." He does not go into the details. There is also praise for his crew. "The team is working very hard, I know the guys have slept very little this weekend," Alonso says. In the end, however, it was completely free …


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