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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle on Test: Charmant-chaotic chain reactions

Monday, August 28th, 2017 | Gadgets

The paths into the mushroom kingdom are more diverse than we thought. In Mario + Rabbid 's Kingdom Battle, Ubisoft' s mad Rabbids are not bringing the world of Super Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, and Co. across the New York City drainpipes or classic Warp tubes.

The stupid bunnies first arrive with their time-washing machine in the children's room of a young inventor. There they steal the new invention: the Supa-Fusionierer, which connects two arbitrary things in a new combined object. Since the inventor is also a great Nintendo fan, it does not take long before time-washing machine and Nintendo poster are combined and süupps: finished is the most chaotic mushroom kingdom ever. And who can play the Saubermann again: of course Mario.

The player in Mario + Rabbids does not actually control the mustache bearer, but the small assistant of the inventor, Beep-O, a kind of Roomba robot. Mario is only an integral part of the playable heroic trios that always run behind the robot. By the way, this is not only confusing at first, if you are accustomed to controlling Mario.
In a total of four worlds, players are exploring the riddled mushroom kingdom, solving short but entertaining switches and sliders in the upper world, trying to capture the one Rabbid with the Supa Fusionizer, who has already kidnapped very early in the plot of Bowser Jr. becomes.
Commander Mario
The central component of Mario + Rabbids are the round-based tactics battles à la Xcom. The player enters in demarcated arenas against a mixture of wild rabbids with bombs, thunderbucks, armored fists, aiming guards and the melee hammer.

    The hare with the headset is the target. (Ubisoft / Screenshot: Golem.de)

Heroes have specializations. Luigi is for example a good sniper, Rabbid-Peach can heal and Rabbid-Mario fights with his shotgun on the front line. Only Mario is like so often an allrounder. The pivotal position for the victory is the clever placement of the squad. There are full and half coverage, elevations and tunnels linking platforms.
Players are very well introduced by Ubisoft into the matter. The battles become more difficult in the course of the first chapter. Only from the ice desert in chapter 2 it becomes demanding. While the arenas seem simple and clear at the beginning, they become bigger and more nested. We lost some of our opponents in the test, before he fell into the back with a twisted tube.


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