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Marcel H. killed from murder

Friday, September 8th, 2017 | World News

19-year-old Marcel H. is said to have killed a child and a school friend from murder. He does not show any emotion in court. An explanation for the deeds is also not his defender.

When the alleged double murderer Marcel H. is led by three guards to the full squad, he wears a too big gray sweater and has badelocks on his feet. "He asks to apologize for his inappropriate clothes," defender Michael Emde hastened to explain. But the displeasure among the spectators is not to be overthrown. Supposedly, it is said later, no one from the family provided the 19-year-old with shoes and reasonable clothes.

"All circumstances are granted by the defendant"
It has now been six months since Marcel H. has killed two people in Herne. Only the nine-year-old Nachbarsjaden Jaden, then a 22-year-old school friend, with whom he had come after the first act. The 19-year-old does not want to say anything to his defender. And he explains that everything that is in the charge is correct. "All the actual circumstances, such as those charged with the prosecution, are granted by the accused," says the lawyer.

  It is not yet six o'clock, when the first spectators appear before the Bochum regional court. Some are extra from Hamburg, others wear printed T-shirts – in memory of Jaden. The mother of the murdered boy does not have to queue up this morning. It is admitted by another entrance into the court building. "As a mother, she can not bear anything," she says later in a negotiation pause. "But I want to look into his eyes, I want to fix him."

Marcel H. seems younger than he is
Whether Marcel is impressed by it? On the first day it does not look like this. The hair has become longer in the examination period, the 19-year-old now appears much younger than he is.

 The little jade was only nine years old. On the evening of March 6, 2017, Marcel H. was lured into the basement of his former Herner apartment and simply killed him. "The accused stabbed the surprised child 52 times with a folding knife with about nine centimeters long blade," the accusation says. The alleged motive: Mordlust. "He acted in the quest to see a man die," says Prosecutor Danyal Maibaum. Marcel H. shows no reactions in the reading of the accusation.

Defender has no explanation for the deeds
Whether the defendant has any feelings at all? Self-defense Michael Emde is not quite sure. "If he has any, he does not show it," he says at the edge of the process. And to the question whether he has an explanation for the deeds, he admits: "I have none."

The Defendant Marcel H. is taken to the Court of Justice in Bochum by lawyers. (Source: Bernd Thissen / dpa)

A former classmate, who was with Marcel H. in Herne in the ninth grade, describes the defendant in the process as a loner. "He was a clever, with yellow teeth and cat hair on the clothes," says the 19-year-old witness to the judges. In addition, he had always worn military clothes – every day. "That was his standard clothes."

Schoolmates with 60 stitches killed
The second victim was Christopher W., also a former school mate. With him, the accused had perished after the cruel killing of the little jade. The next morning, the 22-year-old had to die. He had learned about the search in the Internet and threatened the police. In his case, the doctors later even counted over 60 punitive injuries.

Three days had then been sought after the accused. Then he turned to himself. He ran with a sack of onions and a tense umbrella-though it was not raining-into a snack, and said, "I am Marcel." At first he had not been believed. Only after the snack operator had logged into the Internet, he still chose the emergency call and passed on the telephone to the 19-year-old. The accused said to the policeman at the other end of the line: "You certainly know Marcel, he's just calling."

In the case of a conviction under juvenile law Marcel H. threatened up to 15 years of imprisonment. If he is convicted of adult criminal law, the imposition of a lifelong imprisonment is also possible. In addition to the criminal process, the 19-year-old is also sued for pain relief. Jaden's mother calls on her lawyer 100,000 euros.


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