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Marcel H. decides before court confession

Friday, September 8th, 2017 | World News

In the process around the double murder of Herne the 19-year-old Marcel H. confessed a confession. His deeds had caused horror in Germany nationwide. H. is said to have stabbed a nine-year-old boy and later a 22-year-old acquaintance.

"The defendant emphasizes that he did not deny the accusations," said his lawyer Michael Emde at the Bochum regional court. The 19-year-old did not want to comment on further details or his CV.

Upon entering the courtroom, he photographed and filmed for a minute. At the same time he seemed completely motionless. He did not insist, according to his defender, that his face is rendered unrecognizable by pixelation.

"He also sees it as part of his responsibility," said Advocate Emde. He also asked to apologize for his "inappropriate clothes". The small and slimy teenager, who looks much younger than 19 years, appeared in a gray sweater and wide trousers in court.

H. killed his victims with dozens of stabs
Marcel H. is accused of stabbing the eight-year-old Nachbarsjaden Jaden on 6 March 2017 and a 22-year-old ex-school friend a day later. According to the accusation, he had lured the Nachbarsjungen on the pretext that he needed help with the erection of a ladder. There he had then stabbed the child 52 times with a folding knife. The prosecutor accuses him of having acted out of murder. The mother of the killed Jaden, Jeanette F., sits on the first day of the trial in the Bochum regional court. (Source: Ina Fassbender / dpa)

 After that, he was supposed to find shelter at a friend. He had asked him if he could stay with him for a few days because his parents had moved away, said Prosecutor Danyal Maibaum. The next day, the 22-year-old acquaintance had noticed that H. was being hunted and threatened with the police.

He then boasted of the Darknet
The accused then stabbed him. The young man bleed to death after 68 stabs. Two days later, H. was supposed to have set fire to his home to destroy evidence. He must therefore also be responsible for a serious incendiary court in court. After a long-drawn-out search, H. finally posed himself and confessed his deeds in his first interrogations.

  The case also caused so much attention, because H. in the darknet had bragged with the deeds and uploaded pictures of the horribly corrupted corpses.

The process takes place under strict safety precautions. Already in the morning a long queue of people who wanted to enter the courtroom as a spectator formed in front of the court building. Many of them found no place. For the trial before the district court Bochum, ten further trials have been scheduled until mid-October.


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