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Marc Marquez after Misano victory: "It was a big risk"

Sunday, September 10th, 2017 | Sports

10 September 2017 – 17:59
Fourth season of the season and back at the top of the World Championship: Marc Marquez is in the Misano against the Ducatis and risks a lot to cash five points more

Marc Marquez triumphs in Misano and brings important 25 points for the World Cup

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(cafetheology.org) – At the Grand Prix of San Marino (race report here), it looked like Danilo Petrucci (Pramac-Ducati) had his first MotoGP victory. But in the first corner of the last lap, Honda driver Marc Marquez made a dash for him. For a long time, he had watched Petrucci, who led the race on a wet course for 21 laps, from second place. "The race was madness, you can not imagine how big the adjustment is and how hard it is to keep the concentration, because the race was really long" , Marquez summarizes the 28 rounds in Misano emotionally. At the beginning, it was not really comfortable, but in the second half of the race the feeling was better, why he could go to Petrucci and study the Italian. Marquez was his fall in warm-up a lesson: "I think that was a good crash, because otherwise he would have happened to me in the race, he gave me a warning, in the race I tried to stay calm and follow Danilo, maybe I was a bit faster but I tried to control it and only there to push where I felt good, "explains the 24-year-old. After the many departures in Moto3 and Moto2, he did not want to do anything.Marquez: Five points more important for the WMD Honda pilot admits: "After the two races of the small classes, where many of the top drivers fell, it was difficult to get out "I know it will be difficult for me if the Dovi crash hits the podium, but in the end you have to deal with the pressure." That is why Marquez took a heart and prepared an attack for the final phase. The World Cup had Marquez very well in the back: "At a certain point I began to think about the World Cup and wondered if the second place might be enough I mean, I have the potential and I'll try to do it. "These five points could be missing at the end of the season in Valencia." In contrast to Spielberg, he did not want to make an attack on the last turn this time. Marquez therefore attacked at the beginning of the last round and then tried to open a gap immediately to avoid a counter-attack – with success. Petrucci could do nothing more. Marquez finished the fastest race (1: 47.069 minutes) in the final round and won the finish line. "For me it was better to take the risk on a lap than in the last corner," the Honda driver explains his strategy. "Incredible World Championship": pressure for Marquez a spur

In the Ducati home GP, Marquez was able to beat Petrucci and Dovizioso


"The track was extremely slippery, it was easy to make a mistake, and if you look at the crashes in Moto3 and Moto2, you lose confidence, but I had to try "It was a big risk, and if I had overthrown, many would have criticized me, but that's my style, he gave me five titles, and I will continue to push and try to calculate the risk." Speaking of risk it even looks as if Marquez would play with the idea of ​​switching to slicks. Because the Spaniard gave his crew early signs in the race to prepare the second Honda for a possible change. "We talked about it before the race and I said that when I feel it's going to be a flag-to-flag race, I'll keep my leg out and you can prepare the bike," Marquez said Crew have enough time to convert the second bike to the dry set-up – in case of the case. Marquez did not want to be on the safe side: "The track dried quite quickly, there was not enough water in the end, you have to be ready." Petrucci and Dovizioso never saw a chance for a flag-to-flag race. "It was too cool for that," says Petrucci. In the World Cup, Marquez is now in triumph with Ducati's Dovizioso competition. Both have 199 counters. There are still five races left. "This World Cup is incredible", Marquez comments on the close fight. "After the last race, I was disappointed, so it was all the more important that we had to log back in." I usually go to Misano and I go to Aragon, but the pressure is high.


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