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Many dead after terror attack on policemen

Monday, September 11th, 2017 | World News

A terrorist attack on a police convoy in the north of the Egyptian Sinai peninsula killed at least 18 people on Monday. Several sources, including doctors and representatives of the Egyptian security forces, report this. The German press agency reports on at least 20 dead security forces.

The Egyptian Ministry of the Interior confirmed that there had been a dead man and injured in an attack at the city of Bir al-Abed. The Ministry did not mention specific sacrificial figures. According to Reuters news agency, each of the 18 victims is a police officer. The terrorist "Islamic State (ISIS)" reclaimed the act on its language pipe "Amak" for itself.

Security crises, which the German press agency refers to, reported that a bomb exploded near a patrol in the provincial capital Al-Arisch. According to the news agency AP, bombshells were exploded on the roadside, causing several armored vehicles to be destroyed and set on fire. Following this, the attackers opened the fire with machine guns and captured a police pickup truck.

Reuters reported that strangers would have a firefight after the bomb explosion with the police. The British news agency appealed to information from security circles and medical circles. The attackers had destroyed, among other things, three armored vehicles.

Not a single case
Among the dead were two officers, and a brigade general had been injured. Also a hospital car for the transport of injured had been attacked, reports the dpa. According to information from "Egyptian military and police trips" seven other officials were initially injured. The news agency AP had first reported that suspected extremists attacked a police convoy and killed at least 18 police officers.

On Sinai there have been attacks on Islamist groups since the military coup against President and Muslim ruler Mohamed Mursi in 2013. Hundreds of policemen and soldiers died. Extremists joined the terrorism "Islamic State" in 2014. The region is to a large extent military restricted area.


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