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Mambo FPV: Parrot announces FPV drone for 180 euros

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | Gadgets

The French manufacturer Parrot has presented an FPV version of its Mambo drone. The Mambo FPV consists of the Quadcopter itself, a camera and a headset. Buyers get everything they need for the FPV flight.

The headset has no built-in displays, instead a smartphone is inserted. The camera mounted on the drone transmits its signal to the smartphone, the pilot sees the 3D image on the screen in the headset. Thus, a control from the first person view (FPV) is possible.

    The Mambo FPV with camera and headset (Picture: Parrot)

The camera transmits videos with a quality of 720p. This is not enough for records, but flying is enough for flying.
Top speed is only conditionally easy to clean
The Mambo-Copter reaches a top speed of 30 km / h, which is not enough for serious races. For hobbies or Drone racing beginners, however, such a speed should be sufficient. As an exercise dough we can imagine the Mambo FPV.
The battery should allow a flight time of eight minutes with the camera connected. Without a camera, the drone should remain in the air for ten minutes. Only one battery is included in the scope of delivery. A battery should be recharged in 30 minutes.
Three flight modes with different stabilizations
The Mambo FPV offers three flight modes: in the first, all stabilizers are switched on, this is suitable for beginners to practice. In the second mode, the horizontal stabilization is switched off, the copter can be flown faster. The third mode is complete without stabilization, so it is best suited for racing.

The Mambo FPV is delivered with a remote control, but can also be controlled via a Smartphone and Parrots app. The drone will soon be available and cost 180 euros including all accessories.


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