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Magenta Home Surf: Telekom offers DSL for the first time without telephony

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 | Gadgets

The Deutsche Telekom has presented with Magenta Home Surf for the first time a pure Internet access without telephony, which however a Telekom-mobile contract. Michael Hagspihl, Managing Director of Private Customers, said at the Ifa in Berlin on September 1, 2017: "Young people use the mobile phone tariff for surfing and telephoning, and they are rarely telephoned with the connection at home, and why pay for a service "This is the reason why our young customers are now receiving the magenta package: a high-performance DSL connection without fixed-line telephony and a mobile tariff of choice."
The offer is only bookable together with Magenta Eins Young for people under 27 years and costs 35 Euro. Magenta Home Surf is only available for new customers of Deutsche Telekom or for contract extensions. The tariff costs 31.90 euros in the first year and 41.90 euros in the second year. For both years, the monthly price is therefore 36.90 euros. However, only low data rates of up to 16 MBit / s are offered in the fixed network.

Telekom: Internet only? Is not with us
Telekom had not yet offered a pure Internet access without telephony to its customers. Telekom spokesman Markus Jodl told Golem.de in September 2016: "No, such a connection is not with us." More and more mobile operators offer their customers a flat rate also in the fixed net. The fixed line is less used, also because messaging is becoming more and more popular.

A spokesman for the Federal Network Agency also told the editorial office about a year ago: "According to the Telecommunications Act, there is currently no obligation to provide end-users with a broadband internet connection without a telephone connection."


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