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Macron and Gabriel praise Juncker's EU principle speech

Thursday, September 14th, 2017 | World News

The President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, praises his criticism of the future of Europe. French President Emmanuel Macron, Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel and Chancellor Peter Altmaier found warm words. FDP head candidate Christian Lindner and Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble were more reserved.

Juncker's speech was "on the basic line of our Europapolitische conceptions," said Schäuble the ARD. "We want a strong, effective Europe." But of course you had to do it right. "States must, however, meet the conditions to be included in the Eurogroup." It is clear that "countries need to be in a position, even with a stable, hard currency, which they themselves no longer decide by devaluation can economically get along ".

If this happens too early, one has problems, said Schäuble – as with Greece in recent years. The possibility of membership in the Eurogroup is governed by the Lisbon Treaty. He also resumed a communitization of debts. This is "poison for Europe," he said. "Whoever decides must also bear the consequences for his decision."

Previously, Juncker had been both praised and criticized for his speech throughout the party. "Engaged and groundbreaking" was the speech, wrote Foreign Minister Gabriel on Twitter. "Only when we strengthen cohesion within the EU will the EU become a strong player." Peter Altmaier twittered, Juncker had made an "important and big speech". It must be "the starting point of a dedicated debate". Government spokesman Steffen Seibert said similar.

Citizens' convents on the future of Europe?
France's President Emmanuel Macron also commented on Twitter: "We will be able to transform Europe." Juncker had explicitly supported Macro's election campaign idea in organizing citizens' conventions on the future of the European project. At the same time Macron emphasized that Juncker's monitoring of foreign investment in strategic EU industries was a French idea.

The FDP is extremely skeptical of the proposal by EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker that all EU countries are adopting the euro. "Prior to the expansion of the euro zone, its stabilization must be," said Christian Lindner, head of the FDP. "Mr. Juncker is unaware of the situation in the member states of the monetary union, the real enforcement of the debt rules and an insolvency order is still lacking." Over the next three years, there will be an argument about new pots from which money for consumption should automatically flow. Only if the financial compensation demanded by French President Emmanuel Macron, and "apparently tolerated by Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), can be talked about more".

Wagenknecht: "Juncker abandoned by all good spirits"
The AfD expressed itself more radically. In the southern European countries, the euro is blocking growth and creating mass unemployment. For Germany he meant "weakening of wealth and liability risks, which go into the trillions".

Sahar Wagenknecht, the left-wing candidate, also responded indignantly to the proposal to introduce the euro in all EU countries. "Juncker seems to be abandoned by all good spirits," Wagenknecht said. "The monetary union is already destroying industry and jobs in many countries, while in Germany it is a threat to savers and life insurance companies." The proposals testified to Juncker's "economic incomprehension." Funds should be invested in the infrastructure instead of EU pre-accession aid.


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