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Luna Display: iPad becomes a wireless second display for the Mac

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 | Gadgets

Astropad plans to release its first hardware product after the company has already introduced software to connect iPads to Macs. The StickLuna is connected to the Mac and provides a wireless connection to the iPad. Alternatively, a USB cable is used if the wireless connection is not sufficient. The hardware production is financed by kickstarter.

Luna itself is found in the USB-C connector or the mini-display port of Macs. The hardware behaves like a display on the Mac. The computing work will take over the GPU of the Mac. Thus, image refresh rates of 60 frames per second are to be achieved. A prerequisite is a Mac from 2012 and an iPad with iOS 9.1 and higher as well as an app on both devices, the Astropad in the annual subscription offers.

However, Luna does not only make a second display for the Mac from the iPad, but also allows the user to use the touch screen to run Mac applications. Also the Apple Pencil is to be supported. A keyboard connected to the iPad can be used directly with the Mac. The iMore site was already able to test LunaDisplay in the prototype stage and was affected by the liquid playback on the iPad.
Starting in 2018, Luna is to enter the trade and before the kickstarter supporters to the preferential price. On kickstarter a financing goal of 30,000 US dollar was called, meanwhile however approximately 220,000 US dollar have come together. If you want to have the stick, you have to pay 74% net sales tax plus 19% of the sales tax. That is then converted around 75 euros. Delivery is scheduled for May 2018.


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