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Lucky: Formula 1 could avert hacker attacks

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 | Sports

September 13, 2017 – 12:01
The formula 1 was able to avert trojans, which lock the computers and demand ransom for the release, so far – hacker attacks could soon accumulate

How secure are the computers of the Formula 1 teams?

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(cafetheology.org) – Formula 1 had so far lucky to avert harmful hacker attacks by blackmail software, claimed a leading computer expert, who is involved in the Formula 1 circus. The so-called blackjack trojan is a malicious software that can paralyze a computer and demand a cash payment from the user in order to release the device. There has been an expanding industry that generates cyber criminals about five trillion dollars. Sophisticated groups offer ready-to-use programs that can be used to start a hacker attack. The WannaCry attack that lured the state health service in England and the Petya attack, targeting a multitude of European companies, infected thousands this year of computers "Formula 1 is a target" The technology company Acronis entered a partnership with the Formula 1 racing team Toro Rosso last year and helped the team improve the data backup and the secure data transmission.The President of Acronis, John Zanni, believes that the Formula 1 must do more to protect itself. "Not much has happened yet and teams like Toro Rosso are pretty well protected because they take it seriously to protect their IT," he says. "Formula 1 is a very popular sport, so it is a target, and that would be a lot of attention in "Zanni says Toro Rosso" is more and more using our technology "and emphasizes the introduction of the Acronis Access Advance system for data transmission between the factory in Faenza and its partners and suppliers. He says one of his headquarters is that Formula One does not regard cybercrime as a threat. "Hacking attacks will increase" Formula 1 is an island-like community, "says Zanni. "Everybody knows everyone here, and as soon as you join this community, you will be accepted, because it is a self-contained group, they are not concerned about hacker attacks from the outside and people who bump into the work." but I think that someone who is very intelligent would be able to do just that, and I've addressed some people in Formula One to it and they said, 'Why would anyone hack us?' We just want to make sure our competitors can not see our data. ' This is the only point where they think they have something to do with it. "Zanni fears that blackmail attacks may increase in the future because the software is of high quality and freely accessible. "There is already a service for blackmail software, so if you want to enter the franchise business for ransom software, you can do it easily," he explains. "I think it will take over more and more." "From my point of view, it's frightening how these people have thought they can market their Trojans, and they are not just trying to attack as many computers as they can," concludes he left



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