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Livestream: RTL TV Now falls during a national match

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | Gadgets

TV Now, a video portal of the media group RTL Germany, has failed this week during a football match. The World Cup qualifier Germany against Norway, which was transferred from Stuttgart in the Livestream, was interrupted for a long time.

A spokesman for the Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland confirmed the failure at the request of Golem.de, but the majority of the online viewers had not been affected: "During the transfer of the European Qualifiers, there was a technical problem for about an hour when accessing TV Now currently still analyzing. "
TV Now: but no maintenance
There were no maintenance work at this time. "There was automatically an error page, which initially incorrectly indicated maintenance work as the reason, the majority of the users could use TV Now."
According to a report at Deskmodder.de the failure at the Cologne transmitter took several hours. It is said that "such a big company with so much experience would have to know that a soccer match of the German national team is more popular than anything else in the portal or the server is no longer accessible at all. " There were many complaints in social networks.
In the browser, TV Now can be used free of charge. Spectators can watch programs up to 30 days after the broadcast in the media library. In parallel, the channel offers a monthly subscription of 2.99 euros a paid subscription. Discogs can access more archive material and the viewer is promised a better picture quality.


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