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Linksextremismus: Minister of the Interior makes Linksunten.indymedia close

Friday, August 25th, 2017 | Gadgets

Federal Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maiziere (CDU) wants to close the Internet platform Linksunten.indymedia.org. This was announced by the German Ministry of the Interior in Berlin on Friday. In the morning "in search of search in several objects" and against three leading operators as well as two supporters were carried out in Baden-Württemberg. This was intended to crush the structure of the club and to liquidate the assets. "The continued operation of the site is now a criminal offense," said de Maizière. There were no arrests or arrests. The prohibition is expressly not against the global network Indymedia, it said.

The minister justified the association ban with "left-wingist hate" on the side. Not only before the G20 summit in Hamburg last July had the site "mobilized for violent actions and attacks on infrastructure facilities". The appeal to violence against policemen and their designation as "pigs" and "murderers" should legitimize violence against police officers.
Operators are not a registered association
The problem with the action: The operators of the portal are, on the one hand, not a registered association; on the other hand, linksunten is only a subdomain of the portal Indymedia.org, which is registered with the association Associacao Brasileira Democratizacao da Comunicacao in Brazilian Sao Paulo. The website is, among other things, on a server of the French provider OVH, in which many gate relays are also hosted. OVH is not known for excessive cooperation with the authorities. The page was still online on Friday morning, but at 10.30 am, there was a note on the homepage: "We are currently offline."

The Ministry of the Interior has so far not answered a request from Golem.de on how the servers should be switched off. The Twitteraccount of the initiative, which was also banned, was still online on Friday. The last tweet came from Thursday. "All the e-mail addresses of the association, in particular [email protected], are to be deactivated," a ministerial ministry said. The lettering and symbol of left-hand, the sparking i, may not be used any more.
According to the news agency dpa "the security authorities applied a trick": The authorities were formally classified as an association by the authorities, with the help of the Association Act. Five objects have been searched, among others, in Freiburg. Numerous weapons were found. Among these were knives, batons, pipes and twins, de Maizière said at a press conference in Berlin. Halina Wawzyniak, a left-wing member of the Bundestag, asked on Twitter: "is a platform now a club where can I find linksunten.indymedia is a club?"
Launched in August 2008
The subdomain, launched in August 2008, was the "most influential internet platform of violent left-wing extremists in Germany," it said. For years, they have used the platform to disseminate contributions with criminal and anti-constitutional content. The platform is publicly called upon to commit violent acts against police officers and political opponents as well as to sabotage actions against state and private infrastructure facilities.
In January 2016, the government had already banned the neo-Nazi platform Altermedia-Germany. At that time the Russian authorities had been asked to turn off the server of the portal.
Supplement of 25 August 2017, 12:10 hrs
The Federal Ministry of the Interior justified the application of the right of association in the prohibition with the wide association of the association law. "There is an operator behind every website. If this is an operator team of at least 2 people, this is an association," the ministry said. An association within the meaning of the Association Act "is without regard to the legal form any association to which a majority of natural or legal persons have voluntarily joined for an extended period for a common purpose and subjected to an organized formation of will".
Supplement dated August 25, 2017, 14:42 hrs
While interior politicians of the union greeted the ban, the Berlin SPD politician Christopher Lauer considers the government's approach problematic. "The reasoning with the prohibition of association does not seem to me to be legally tenable," said Lauer, who used to be among the pirates. In addition, the police lose a page on which the entire left scene has been informed about actions. "It has now been broken without great hardship." The ban at the present time also had a taste for the appointment shortly before the Bundestag election.
A weakening of the left-extremist scene is hardly to be expected, because there are easy evasion possibilities on other Internet servers, said Lauer. "I do not know what the Interior Minister hoped for, except for a lack of symbolic policy, and the effect will be zero." The ban is positive, however, with regard to a possible abuse of the site. Too easily certain acts with anonymous credentials of the left scene could be pushed into the shoes, although the perpetrators actually come from completely different ranges.
The Federal Managing Director of the left, Matthias Höhn, also sees a connection with the forthcoming Bundestag election. "It is quite surprising that a platform that is operated for many years is now suddenly banned." This was the case at a time when the AfD was pursuing a hate against everything that was gathered on the left. "We are making a march to the right in the country," Höhn said. The government should focus on this. For the Left, it is also clear that she totally rejects violence in the political debate.


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