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Lindner makes an attack on Afghanistan

Sunday, September 17th, 2017 | World News

According to FDP boss Christian Lindner, the race for the third place in the future Bundestag will be decided between his party and the AfD. The Greens and the Left were beaten, Linder said.

On Sunday, the FDP agreed with a special party to the final phase of the Bundestag election campaign. After four years of abstinence, the liberals have a great opportunity to return to the Bundestag.

"Hopefully the FDP – and not the types from the AfD"
In opinion polls, they currently account for between nine and ten percent. Even participation in the government does not seem to be excluded – especially black-yellow or black-yellow-green. After four years of non-parliamentary opposition, however, the FDP does not fear a role as a parliamentary opposition, said Lindner.

  The FDP leader underlined the third place to decide who was leading the opposition. If there was a small coalition, the SPD would lead the opposition. If there is another great coalition, hopefully the FDP will be the third-strong force "and not the types from the AfD".

"We are ready to enter a government"
Lindner also underlined that the FDP did not want to exclude any coalition option from the outset. But changes in the sense of the FDP would have to be made clear.

 In a motion from the German Bundestag, the German Bundestag, the following is said: "We are ready and able to enter a government. … It would be irresponsible to reject the possibility … But it would be just as irresponsible to enter into a coalition that wants to manage only the present. "

FDP presents ten-point plan
In addition, ten policy points are being cited in the vote, in which the FDP wants to achieve a "trend reversal", including in education, in digitalization, in immigration policy and in the Eurozone.

In the "World on Sunday", Lindner affirmed that a condition for his party's entry into a coalition was a new immigration law "that distinguishes between asylum, flight and immigration". Speeding up the process and the protection of the European Border as well as the possibility of making asylum applications from Africa ".

Kubicki believes in double-digit results
According to FDP's deputy Wolfgang Kubicki, the FDP has the chance to return to the Bundestag in a week with a double-digit result. Kubicki told the German press agency, if not an unforeseeable event, "then we have a chance to ten per cent plus".

According to the latest ZDF "Politbarometer", FDP and AfD each held 10 percent of third place behind Union and SPD. The union then came to 36 percent, the SPD to 23 percent, the left to 9, and the Greens to 8 percent.


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