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Lewis Hamilton writes dream of Ferrari for the time being

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017 | Sports

29 August 2017 – 14:30
Lewis Hamilton admits that he is a Ferrari fan, but he believes that he will not be driving next to Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton will probably not be so soon team colleagues

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(cafetheology.org) – Lewis Hamilton (by the way, not for the first time) admits that he would feel it as a "dream" to drive one day for Ferrari. At the same time he assumes that this dream will not come true as long as Sebastian Vettel drives for the Scuderia. And he has just signed a new three-year contract by the end of 2020.Ferrari is "definitely a dream for every driver, including me," said Hamilton on the edge of the Grand Prix of Belgium. "Will I ever go there or not? I guess not for the next three years." Whether rumors are true, according to which Vettel had at least been so far in his contract that he can veto certain team colleagues veto is in this context not verifiable for us. Even if industry connoisseurs assume that Vettel assured an exit clause if he Ferrari wants to leave at the end of 2018: Hamilton's position in the negotiations with Mercedes is once weakened. When it comes to negotiating his future salary, he can no longer wag to change to another top team. Mercedes needs Hamilton as a superstar – but Hamilton also needs Mercedes. Hamilton, Niki Lauda claims, has already asked for a new contract months ago. "Lewis is our best driver, we all love him, it does not weaken anything, because I will find a solution for him, with whom everyone will be happy "Sportchef Toto Wolff sees the theme similarly relaxed:" Our relationship is very good and we appreciate what we have in common, but this is not an issue that we want to drag into the remaining season races, it is an exciting last season And we'll be leading this discussion. "In the text, 2017, there should be no signature so that Hamilton can concentrate on the world championship. By the way: Hamilton seems to think that Vettel is an anti-Hamilton clause in the contract Write. In Spa, he explained that he knew Vettel would not want him as a team mate. The fact that Ferrari traditionally cuts everything to one driver and seldom has two equal top drivers does not really bother him: "They are very loyal to their riders," says Hamilton.


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