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Lewis Hamilton warns despite victory: "The Ferrari is faster"

Monday, August 28th, 2017 | Sports

(cafetheology.org) – Mercedes-star Lewis Hamilton nibbling on Sebastian Vettel's points pad: With a further victory in the Ferrari autodrome of Monza, he would finally score points with his Title rivals. And would be in the lead for the first time in the World Cup as he has more victories in his account. Nevertheless, he does not want to know that Mercedes is now turning the World Cup by a superior car. "Whoever thinks we have the strongest car should think again, because that is not the case," explains the three-time world champion. "They have the upper hand, their car is stronger." There are also stretches on which the Mercedes is stronger, as well as the engine, but in Spa-Francorchamps the Scuderia was faster in the race: "It changes But we did not have the racing tempo this weekend, Sebastian was way too close, and he lost less than a tenth of a second even before the pit stops, so there was no margin for mistakes , Although all had expected the silver arrows to have the upper hand on the high-speed lines in Spa and Monza. There is also no doubt for Mercedes-Benz Motorsport: "Ferrari has made a big leap forward, you have to stand them." His marsh rod for the remaining eight season races? "We just have to keep going so far that we are able to win on the tracks that lie ahead of us and get as many points as possible on the tracks that are not so good." Why Mercedes Ferrari is afraid of Monza

Monza: When braking on curve 1, Wolff sees Ferrari as an advantage


This means that a Mercedes driver will have to be at the top again this weekend in Monza. "In Monza we are driven with even less downforce than here, and we definitely need a strong weekend", also knows the World Cup third Valtteri Bottas. "We know that Ferrari is a bit better on downhill with a lot of downforce," he said. "Team-mate Hamilton is reckoning with a close duel:" It's true that we do not have a bad car on the straight, but I do I think it's going to be very tight, maybe as here, maybe the distance will be bigger, maybe they are ahead, I do not know. "Wolff warns against underestimating the Scuderia at home. "Monza would have us well, but the Ferrari is incredibly strong on the brake," betrays the Austrian. "And in Monza, at least once they are really braked, so they become a tough opponent, and the home factor plays a part – they have a twelfth man there, we will have to stretch our way." Singapore as a herculean task

In 2015 Mercedes had big problems in Singapore

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After the end of the Eurozone, Mercedes will face a Herculean task: the city course in Singapore. On the angled track, which Vettel particularly lies, the silver arrows were completely from the roll already in 2015 – and also the paper form clearly speaks for Ferrari. "This is a course on which you need a lot of downforce – and on these tracks Ferrari has really increased," Hamilton is aware. "It has already been seen in Hungary." There Ferrari celebrated a double success before the summer break – as in Monaco. "We have to find a little more downforce for the slower tracks," Bottas asks. What is the outcome of the World Cup? And Wolff believes that much is a question of development. "It is true that we did not look great on downhill with a lot of downforce, so we have to improve on Singapore, but it is an extremely close fight with Ferrari and both teams are trying to develop as well as possible At every race to get the front. " "There have also been races where you think you'll be good, and you're not that good." Hamilton also believes that the World Cup may have won or lost in the factories becomes. "Ferrari was quicker, so I'm a bit cautious about the upcoming races, so I want to figure out how I can give my guys positive energy to get their hands on the remaining eight races so we can win And it's going to be up to the last race, as well as reliability. "


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