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Lewis Hamilton surprised: rare Pirelli test ahead of Singapore

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 | Sports

September 5, 2017 – 3:43 pm
In general, Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has no great desire to test drive, but this week, the three-time world champion is a surprising exception

Lewis Hamilton wants to take a test drive for a change


(cafetheology.org) – Lewis Hamilton will drive a tire test for Pirelli this week. That alone would not be worth mentioning, if Hamilton were not known for it, usually no great desire to have test drives. This makes the three-time world champion also no secret. "This week, I'm going to take a test, which is really rare," says Hamilton, explaining, "I'm not a tester, but I'm looking forward to it, I've offered to do it myself." Mercedes will be on Thursday and Friday new Pirelli tire for the Formula 1 season 2018 in the French Le Castellet. Hamilton is scheduled to sit in the car on Thursday, while Teamkollege Valtteri Bottas will take on the second day. In the past, the Briton has gladly given such a task to others. Why he changed his mind this time, he leaves open. When Pirelli tested the new tires for the season 2017 last year, Pascal Wehrlein did the test work on the silver arrows. Quite different from Ferrari, where also the pilot pilots Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Rikknen themselves set themselves in control. Hamilton emphasizes that he needs his free space between the races to completely switch off. For him it is important to come with a "positive" attitude to the next race. That is why he used the summer break, for example, to recharge his "batteries". The World Cup rider says: "It's like an ERS. Near the end of the season the battery is almost empty." "Last week, for example, I spent a few days with my mother and my sister," he says. Before the Grand Prix of Singapore, Hamilton – despite the test drive in France – will surely also have a few days to concentrate on things off the Formula One.



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