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Lewis Hamilton dedicates record pole Michael Schumacher

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 | Sports

02 September 2017 – 22:46 hrs
The Briton has since the Monza qualifying most pole positions in the Formula 1 history on the Hapseite: For him it was an extremely emotional moment

Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton: The pole kings of the Formula 1 history

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(cafetheology.org) – Mercedes star Lewis Hamilton has dedicated the 69th pole position of his Formula One career to Michael Schumacher. Finally, the glorious performance in the qualifying session at the Italian Grand Prix on Saturday rushed him in front of the record champion and on position one, which determined him emotionally: "Maybe I can dedicate the record Michael," Hamilton sobs, "because he has the "He has put them up year by year, giving so much to the sport." In the subsequent press conference, Hamilton was almost speechless. He struggled for the right words. "I wish I had something world-moving to say, but …", he begins to think about his record and recalls his childhood days. "I've grown up, watched this sport on TV, and witnessed greatness as Michael demonstrated." He could only have dreamed of accomplishing similar accomplishments one day. Hamilton talks about being the "living example" of dreaming and thinking of children watching him watching TV. "It is hardly imaginable, but I was once in a position," he admits, calling his self confidence the key to the recent performance at Monza: "There was no point where I thought I could not ride the round went about self-confidence and the belief that you are a competitor. "Less hungry, the 32-year-old is not the record. He knows that his younger Ferrari rival Sebastian Vettel (currently 48 pole positions) could pass in the coming years if he does not collect first starting places. "If I stop," says Hamilton, "then Vettel is not far away, so I have to go further, I have to expand the brand or he'll pick up, I have to stay a while longer with the music and try to make his life a hell of a life close."

After some hard years of construction followed triumphs in series: The era of Michael Schumacher at Ferrari goes into the history of the Formula 1

A vision that the competition has yet to get used to: after two World Championship titles with Benetton in the years 1994 and 1995 Michael Schumacher changes to Ferrari. The pressure on the Germans is great, after all the Italian tradition team has been waiting for a title in the drivers' championship since 1979. The former FIAT boss Gianni Agnelli is supposed to say: "If Ferrari does not become world champion with Michael Schumacher, then we will never again."

Particularly valuable is the pole position record that he did not change frequently in the past: he belonged to Juan Manuel Fangio (29) before 1967, before Jim Clark (33) took over. Around two decades later, Ayrton Senna (65) passed, before Michael Schumacher (68) advanced to the first position of the everlasting leaderboard at the beginning of the 2006 season and expanded the brand.



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