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Let's Play: Mixer and Twitch with new software for streamer

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 | Gadgets

If you are running a platform for game streaming, you need first and foremost interesting content – otherwise there will be no spectators. For the content to be true, Microsoft and Twitch have released new software. In Microsoft, this is an app called Mixer Create, which is now available for smartphones and tablets with iOS and Android. This allows the user to transfer mobile games or simply a video of himself or chat in parallel to a stream on the desktop with his audience.

Blender was originally called Beam. The company and the service have belonged to Microsoft since August 2016, a little later renamed. Mixer is now integrated into Windows 10 and the Xbox One. The most important feature is that players in mixers can also influence the content of the games.
This works so far only to a limited extent, for example in smaller puzzle games, but should be expanded. A mixer app for viewers is not available, instead, the streams run through the Xbox app or through the browser.
With the competitor Twitch from Amazon, there is now the possibility to enrich streams with so-called extensions. These are extensions programmed by third parties or manufacturers of streamed games. With these, let's players, which transmit about Destiny, can show additional information about the currently visible equipment. For Hearthstone there is a Liveticker, for Overwatch comprehensive statistics on the transferred matches.

Streamer on Twich and the partners who provide Extensions can earn money through an affiliate program called Amazon Associates. To do so, they must include in their content, for example, advertising for games, which are then sold directly on the portal page of Twitch.
The streaming of games is currently a growing market with problems: With the market leader Youtube Let's Player and other providers of gaming content have been allocated fewer and fewer advertisements for months and thus advertising funds. This is why Twitch is popular in the scene: the sale of games and a few other additional sources of income can at least partially compensate for the breakdowns in advertising.


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