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Lenovo renounces dangerous advertising software

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 | Gadgets

The world's largest PC manufacturer Lenovo has committed itself against the US supervisory authority, FTC, to forego the installation of program packets in the future, which could endanger the security of the users. The FTC had investigated an investigation against the Chinese company, because the dangerous advertising software "Superfish Visual Discovery" was preinstalled on several Lenovo laptops.

          "Superfish Visual Discovery" is a program that connects to Internet surfing in order to display additional advertising on web pages. However, it can also be switched on in SSL-encrypted connections, without the users of some of it. This is, for example, dangerous in online banking, because the encrypted channels were no longer secure.
    Image: Lenovo

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      Lenovo had threatened not only the privacy of consumers, but also the online security that consumers trusted, said Maureen K. Ohlhausen, the current FTC boss, on Tuesday in Washington. In the context of the comparison with the FTC, Lenovo was prohibited from installing any software that would advertise advertising during web surfing on laptops. Lenovo also committed itself to a 20-year software security program for all preinstalled programs. Digital marketing in focus Now every week intensified in HORIZONT Print! Interest? Then best to use our current test-read offer with digital marketing focus. Click here to order
Lenovo had already offered a cleaning program in February 2015 against the preinstalled commercial software, after the security gap became known. In addition to Lenovo, other manufacturers such as Dell PCs have shipped with the dangerous Superfish software. dpa





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