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Lenovo: patent describes self-healing smartphone display

Friday, August 18th, 2017 | Gadgets

Scratches and damage on the display are annoying with a smartphone, tablet or notebook. This problem is to solve the patent with the number 2017/0228094, which Lenovo's department Motorola Mobility has received. The patent was filed at the beginning of February 2016, it has now been accepted by the US Patent Office as a valid patent.

Polymer with reminder function
The patent describes a particular polymer layer which can repair itself if it has a defect. This polymer layer can be used with modern touchscreen devices such as smartphones or tablets. The patent is always referred to a smartphone-like housing.

    Smartphone with self-healing display (Image: Lenovo)

Above all, minor scratches could be repaired without further tools. The polymer has a kind of reminder function and can remember how the surface was obtained at the time of delivery. If there are any deviations from this, the original state can be restored.
Repair with heat
For this purpose, the polymer layer is heated so that these defects can be removed in the surface by heat. However, this does not happen automatically. According to the patent, the user marks the defective spots on the display and the polymer begins to repair them. The defective parts are marked by means of circling. This leads to a correspondingly strong heat development, of about 60 degrees Celsius speaks the patent. During the repair process, the display should not be touched.

It is unclear whether smartphones with such a self-repairing display will come to the market. Even if Lenovo has received the patent for it, it is open whether it is finally installed in products.


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