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Once upon a time, Lena Dunham's boyfriend told her she was "the most mentally energetic, physically lazy person he’s ever met." And she agreed with him.

Actor/writer/director/producer and newly minted runner Lena Dunham recently spoke to espnW about her relationship with exercise, and let's just say it is much ...

Lena Dunham shapes-up in her Instagram selfies.

As told by Lena Dunham in 12 words: ... describing exactly why she’s sticking with her exercise routine even while she's slammed writing and filming Season 5 of ...

For Lena Dunham, working out is about a whole lot more than looking good. “Promised myself I would not let exercise be the first thing to go by the ...

Girls star Lena Dunham says regular exercise is helping her to manage her anxiety and mood. The actress and writer posted a selfie on Instagram with the caption: 'It ...

Lena Dunham has found a surprising way to get a workout. The 28-year-old Girls star appeared on Thursday's Late Show, where she explained to Dave Letterman that she ...

Jane Fonda pointed out more than 30 years ago that women can be feminists and into exercise, but Lena Dunham is restating that idea when she talks about ...

When Lena Dunham attended the opening of celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson's new studio in New York City, she rocked a grey workout tank top, fun patterned

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