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Last election in the Bundestag before the election: Özdemir poisoned against Dobrindt

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 | World News

Finally election campaign in Germany: In the last parliamentary session before the Bundestagswahl the opposition loudly loudly against the great coalition. The SPD also depends on Merkel and tighten the tone. The Chancellor praises her successes and Germany.

Angela Merkel (CDU) drew a positive balance of the grand coalition in the Bundestag debate. "We've got a lot together," she said. SPD faction leader Thomas Oppermann, on the other hand, opposed confrontation and demanded a change of power. For the left, Fraulein Sahra Wagenknecht criticized that the chancellor was leading a "nice weather well-being election campaign". Green-top candidate Cem Özdemir complained above all of inactivity in the diesel crisis.

Wagenknecht criticizes "further-so-election campaign"
The opposition generally attacked the debate. No wonder that run for third place at the Bundestag election is tight. For the left-wing fraction, Wagenknecht criticized the chancellor for a democratic debate on solving the pressing social problems. The proportion of those who, despite work, had an income below the poverty threshold had doubled during Merkel's term of office. However, the SPD had also failed to submit a credible alternative offer to the chancellor's "further-so-election campaign".

  Sahra Wagenknecht during her speech in the Bundestag. (Source: Screenshot ntv)

Özdemir said that the grand coalition forces by its idleness in the diesel crisis driving bans in the cities. In addition, Özdemir urged to end the "Cuddle" course with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Germany should not only examine the intensification of the travel warnings and the expulsion of Hermes guarantees: "Do it at last," demanded the Green Chief. "What does this Erdogan still have to do, that you finally wake up and stop cuddling with him?" On the subject of a "diesel scandal", he countered with transport minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU): "Some people act as if they comply with the limits – and the others act as if they control the limits." The polluters of the scandal would be protected – the consequences would have to be borne by consumers and municipalities. "The worst minister this country ever had is Alexander Dobrindt."

 Gabriel with poison arrow against Guttenberg
But also the SPD tried to use the last chance in the Bundestag before the election. Oppermann accused Merkel of having prevented or diluted many reform projects. "It is your responsibility that millions of women be stranded in part-time work." It was time for a change of power, stressed the SPD parliamentary party. "This country does not need a chancellor who speaks only socially democratically. This country needs a chancellor who is socially democratic." SPD chancellor candidate Martin Schulz could not intervene in the debate – due to lack of a Bundestag mandate.

Sigmar Gabriel during his speech in the German Bundestag. (Source: Michael Kappeler / dpa)

SPD Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel began his speech surprisingly: he praised Merkel and the trusting cooperation within the grand coalition. But then he devoted himself almost exclusively to the subject of disarmament. "We need to put the issue of armament control and disarmament back on the agenda," Gabriel said. The planned "doubling of armaments budget" is not necessary, but a doubling of the expenditure on education. Germany had to fight against the global armament contest and recall its role as "peace power".

"Of course, we need to improve the equipment of the Bundeswehr," he said. For years here "rumgespart". The CSU Minister of Defense, Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, who had resigned because of deceptions in his doctoral thesis, had also been responsible for this. "He's been around as carefully with the Bundeswehr as with his doctoral thesis."

"Do not let us rest"
In the heated debate, the Union tried to focus on the successes of the coalition. "We should not speak badly," said CDU General Secretary Peter Tauber. Despite the good economic situation, Merkel sees Germany as a major challenge. "We can not rest on these successes," she said. Now it was necessary to lay the foundations for the fact that Germany was economically successful and socially fair in 15 years. As in the fuel glass, the challenges in the automotive industry were reflected. It would still be necessary for decades to use combustion engines, but at the same time the road to new drive technologies would have to be adopted.

Angela Merkel at her speech in the Bundestag. (Source: dpa)

Merkel called for further efforts in the field of digitalization. There is still much to be done in this area. This applies to the economy as well as to the administration. It also pointed out that Germany now accounts for 3% of gross domestic product (GDP) for research and development. However, some Scandinavian countries or South Korea are already here. The chancellor said: "We do not want to end up in Germany with technology."

In the foreign policy section of her speech, the Chancellor warned against quarreling within the EU in dealing with Turkey. If Europe were to "publicize" before the eyes of President Erdogan, this would dramatically weaken the European position. "I can only advise against this." Merkel said that at the EU summit in October she wanted to discuss with the other Heads of State and Government about future relations with Turkey. This would also mean the end of the accession negotiations.


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