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Last chance for Martin Schulz?

Friday, September 1st, 2017 | World News

The TV duel between CDU Chancellor Angela Merkel and SPD challenger Martin Schulz can be decisive for the last election campaign phase – especially for the SPD. Even for undecided, the TV bill is a decision-making aid.

"From previous studies, we know that these duels have effects, especially for challengers," said Mainz scientist Thorsten Faas. "This is another great opportunity for Martin Schulz to present himself."

The two teams will be broadcast simultaneously by ARD, ZDF, RTL and Sat.1, and moderated by Maybrit Illner, Peter Kloeppel, Sandra Maischberger and Claus Strunz. This Friday, the four broadcasters were invited to preview the studio in Berlin-Adlershorst and to a press conference with chief editors and presenters.

For SPD chancellor candidate Schulz the duel is an important point on the way to the election because there is a lot of attention as he said on Thursday at an appearance in Kiel, "and because Angela Merkel of course in this case surely also their positions More concrete than she has done so far. " However, the political offers of the parties are decisive.

 Important event
In fact, the outcome of the duel is not decisive for a poll for voters. None of the 1000 respondents to an Emnid survey for the N24 station will make their decision dependent on it. However, 21 percent say they make their cross dependent on the duel, at least 28 percent of the undecided.

The political scientist Faas said that a TV duel is by far the most important single event in election campaigns – so also in 2017. "It sounds the final spurt to the election, especially for all those people who have not been so intensely with the choice before Have dissected. "

The Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz is investigating the duel and wants to find out what the citizens like and do not like. Almost half of the voters do not yet know who they want to vote on the 24th of September, a survey conducted by the Institute for Demoskopy Allensbach on behalf of the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung".


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