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Lacking performance: KTM replaces Crew Chief of Smith

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 | Sports

24. August 2017 – 22:07

Bradley Smith gets a new crew chief from Silverstone

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(cafetheology.org) – Due to the lack of results, KTM is replacing Bradley Smith's Chief of Crew. The performance of the British remained behind behind his team colleague Pol Espargaro. As of Silverstone, Esteban Garcia will assume the role of Tomjojic's Chief of Crew. Garcia has been involved in KTM's MotoGP project from the outset and has worked as a crew chief of the test team around Mika Kallio. "The main reason for this is that KTM wants me to improve my results," Smith said. "And that's the best way for the rest of the season to make it work, and I'll follow their decisions, and if you see what pit (Pitman, KTM Motorsportchef) did in his management career, then "He said," I've been thinking about it for a long time, "he said." I've been working on the first Moto2 season for the first time, "Jojic and Smith said. There were also rumors that Smith could be replaced by Kallio in the current season. "I think it's always a possibility, I'm not afraid of it," Smith says he needs to improve his performance. "I also understand that if my abilities are not good enough to bring this project forward, it is then that I am not the right person."

A 13th place is the best result of Bradley Smith with the KTM

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Nevertheless, Smith is convinced of his abilities: "I hope that this change is a chance to dispel all doubts, if I would sit here and think that I could not, I would worry It's time for us to move forward, and we have to do things right, so I've gone through a process a couple of times, and after that change and KTM's decision for my side of the garage, it's time to look ahead. "Beirer took the crew chief Change to a time when KTM had planned a private test. Earlier this week, Smith and Garcia were already working together on the Misano test drives. "Esteban has a comprehensive knowledge because he has been developing the KTM project with various test drivers for 20 months," says Smith. "I think he worked with four test drivers in the previous year and has followed the whole development process." It will now be shown whether the performance of the start number 38 will be better. Due to the latest top 10 results, the pressure is rising. "Expectations are high at all," says Smith. "From myself, from our main sponsor, and so on, Mika would not have been able to choose a better race to make us all look foolish, he's been a phenomenal race," Smith praises the Finn's performance in Spielberg "It was a mistake," he says, "and he's not going to be able to follow him," he says. "Mika showed a phnomenal form on this day, and his wildcard, which I believe will be in Aragon, will be interesting." Officially, another wildcard start of Kallio is not confirmed.


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