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Kurstaucher – Which Swiss secondary stocks are the next? | News

Friday, August 25th, 2017 | Economy

The cash insider is also active on Twitter under @cashInsider. Read on the stock of other brand-new observations on the Swiss stock market.
Although the index weights of NestlĂ©, Roche and Novartis contribute well over half of the total capitalization, they have for a period of more than a decade been living a flowering existence. Still the music plays with us in the secondary values. Hardly a share from the second and third line, with which did not make good money in the last years. The flood raises all boats – also on the stock market.
However, rising expectations are accompanied by higher expectations. And the stock market does not react very squeamically, if companies miss these.
In the last few days, for example, the shareholders of Kudelski, Emmi or Implenia had to experience painfully on their own. Kudelski got the hardest. After a disappointing first half of the year, the cyber security provider from Lausanne was surprisingly forced to reduce its this year's targets. With far-reaching consequences: within a few days, the company lost around 20 percent of its stock market value.
The Emmi, the milk processing company in Emmen, also waited with more cautious statements on the development of sales this year, and was punished on the day of the half-year results presentation with a percentage of double-digit losses. The same happened to Implenia. The construction group, which has been successful in recent years, missed analysts expectations by no less than 40 percent in the first half of the year.

Kudelski shares before and after the half-year results presentation (Source: www.cash.ch)
In the case of investors, this accumulation of health scourges understandably causes nervousness. Many companies from the second or third line must deliver in the second half of the year. Otherwise they are threatened with this fate.
For example, the semiconductor manufacturer would be u-blox. With his today published number of figures he met the analyst expectations scarcely. In addition, the CEOs keep to their targets for this year (see yesterday's column).
But as usual the devil is in the detail. In particular, the research and development costs, which are 50 per cent higher, are reflected in the annual comparison. Without this balance, analysts' expectations would have been clearly missed – a frightening trend (see also the column of 23 August).
In addition, the retained annual targets are based on a dollar exchange rate of 1.02 Swiss francs. Currently the latter is less than 0.97 francs. In other words, in the second half of the year u-blox has to do a lot. Otherwise, the still proudly valued shares of the only pure representative of the "Internet-the-things" from Switzerland are threatened with unfavor.
In the last few weeks, the shares of OC Oerlikon have also been received. The driving force behind the price increase proved to be a purchase recommendation by analysts working for Vontobel. This sumed the sum of the individual parts of the company, called Sum-of-the-Parts, to 17 francs per share.
Today, his professional colleague from the MainFirst Bank is opposed to this. The development of the share price had decoupled from the daily business upwards, so he has a look at a company study. As a result, the analyst downgrades OC Oerlikon's securities from "Neutral" to "Underperform" while simultaneously scaling the price target to 12.60 (previously 14) francs.
The shares of the stock exchange developer Idorsia are moving far from reality. Although the securities of the pharmaceutical manufacturer from Allschwil have already fallen sharply from their peak prices at 21.40 Swiss francs. However, due to the artificial shortage of supply in the context of the extension of the investment by the pair of founders Jean-Paul and Martine Clozel, they are still considered overvalued.
Candidates for a painful crash – Thomas Jordan may forgive me – in my opinion but above all the shares of the Swiss National Bank (SNB). Anyone who knows our National Bank Law knows that the basic demand for a German-language brokerage letter, which has been heated up by aerial prognoses and is further fueled by German-speaking media, is lacking any fundamental foundation. In this context, I warmly refer to my column of August 21st.

The shares of the SNB have been out of reach for weeks (Source: www.cash.ch)
Even if the stock exchange lives by expectations – at some point facts have to follow. Otherwise, a painful return to the hard bottom of reality threatens investors. In one case or another, this would then offer again buying opportunities …
The cash insider records and interprets market rumors as well as strategy, industry or corporate studies. Market rumors are deliberately not checked for their truth content. Rumors, speculation and everything that traders and market participants are interested in should be passed on to the readers quickly. No responsibility is assumed for the correctness of the contents. The personal opinion of the cash insider does not have to coincide with that of the cash editorial department. The cash insider itself is active on the stock market. This is the only way to reach the necessary market proximity for this kind of news. The opinions expressed do not constitute any recommendation to buy or sell to the reader.


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