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Klien over watery Formula One: "Every series would have been driven"

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 | Sports

06. September 2017 – 20:34

Klien finds that the conditions in Monza were absolutely mobile

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(cafetheology.org) – For two and a half hours, the qualifying of Monza was interrupted because of rain. The trigger for this was the aquaplaning take-off from Romain Grosjean on the start-finish straight, which led the race management to special caution and numerous shifts. This can not be comprehended by former Formula 1 driver Christian Klien. "In the Formula 1 one has become overbearing," criticizes the Austrian against 'cafetheology.org'. "In any other race series, the drivers are driven." For Klien, it does not make any difference that the Haas pilot complained after his departure into the boxing radio: "We should never have been allowed to send us on the track!" That it was too wet in "the first ten, 15 minutes" leaves the Austrian. "But after that, a window opened up where it would have been absolutely possible to do the qualifying, and most of the drivers wanted to drive." The Formula 1 stars would simply have to adapt their driving style to the difficult conditions: If the goal is with the new asphalt aquaplaning, then you have to stop there from the gas, if the Grozjean flies off, the Grosjean has made a mistake, the next must stop from the gas.

Romain Grosjean flew on the start-finish line for aquaplaning

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Especially as the route becomes drier anyway, when cars are constantly on the road. "When all the cars are on the line, the water is displaced and it gets better quickly," Klien argues. "I often do not understand this precaution in Formula 1. We speak of the best pilots in the world, who can be expected to be a bit more responsible." And yet another indication that the conditions were quite mobile makes Klien wonder : "They're going on five laps with heavy wets, and then they're switching to intermediates, so I do not quite understand Charlie Whiting and Formula One." Despite all this, Klien believes that the riders, despite all the caution, End their talent. "The last qualifying round of Hamilton, when it started raining again, was outstanding," the former Red Bull pilot praised the now World Cup leader. "And the conditions were not worse than at the beginning at 2 pm."


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